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I specialize in texts on: - health / healthy lifestyle, - beauty, - sports activity / training, - pet care, - marketing, - public speaking. I create both blog entries and product descriptions in online stores. My characteristic feature is in-depth research of every topic taken, because thanks to this I also deepen my knowledge. I am a reliable person and I appreciate this feature in others.


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Teksty dla serwisu

For website, I write texts on topics related to: - healthy diet. - supplements, - training, - sports motivation.

Blog ekspercki na temat zdrowia, wychowania i żywienia zwierząt domowych

This blog texts are intended to familiarize dogs and cats owners with issues related to care of their animals. Most of them are texts based on the achievements of veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, as well as behavioral pieces of advice. All the texts are preceded by in-depth research. Most entries have product placement, both own and affiliate.

Blog ekspercki na temat zdrowia oraz produktów związanych z właściwą higieną snu

Porady związane z: - promowaniem dobrych nawyków dotyczących higieny snu, - wyboru łóżek i akcesoriów sypialnianych, - aranżacji przestrzeni sypialnianej.