Aleksandra Eliasz

Aleksandra Eliasz

Joined on: 2020-06-22
Stanowice, Poland

I’m 24 years old, recent graduate from German studies specialising in technical translation at the University in Wroclaw. While studding I always worked, getting professional experience since 2014. First is my family business, my mother and grandmother grow lavender on a commercial scale and making a range of natural products. My role there is to organize sell at the organic produce events as well as managing online sell (Instagram, Facebook, Website etc.) Thanks to this experience, I understand business strategy, I’ve learned to look for and utilize sell opportunities and have discovered and mastering since a drive to achieve my business goals. Second is my career in restaurant environment, I was hired initially as a barista and was promoted to restaurant supervisor, because of my strong interpersonal skills , effective team coordination and excellent customer service. This job has proven me to be responsible team leader capable of planning and executing an efficient team work. I was working from July 2019 toDecember 2020 in London Great Britain in dental practise like a receptionist.My English has improved since I started to working there. After 6 months I decided came back to Poland, because of unsatisfactory wages and lack of job opportunities related with German language, and, most of all, upcoming Brexit which changes employment circumstances for non British citizens.

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