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Zamość, Poland
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Hello! My name is Ola. I'm a 4th year psychology student, and my biggest passion is writing (books, short stories, prose, novels). I'm an author of the book "Obudź mnie zanim umrę" (eng. "Wake me up before I die"), which was first published in 2018 by Novae Res, Poland. The premiere of a second part of my criminal trylogy, will take place in June this year. I speak English fluently (B2/C1 level), German in its basics (A2). I'll willingly help in writing, translating, editing and in grammar and linguistic check of a text :)

Opowiadanie w języku angielskim

The file contains my own short story, wrote in free style, based on my own inspiration.

download: Abandoned_short_story__EN__AJ.pdf

Wiersz/Novel (Polish)

The file contains my own novel.

download: Weltshmerz_wiersz_PL_AJ.pdf

Konkursowe opowiadanie w języku polskim/Competition short story (Polish)

The file contains a short story in Polish, wrote in need for literary competition, published in school's magazine.

download: Fizycznie_obecna_mentalnie_w_świecie_wyobraźni__PL_opowiadanie.pdf

Opowiadanie/ Short story (PL)

The file contains a short story, created and wrote by me, in need for literary competition.

download: Półksiężyc_PL_opowiadanie_AJ.pdf

Krótka historia/Short story (EN)

The file contains a mini story, created for linguistic competition, awarded in diploma for high creativity.

download: Short_story__EN.pdf

Analiza tekstu literackiego/ Literary text analysis (PL)

The file contains my own analysis of a novel by K.K. Baczyński.

download: Analiza_wiersza_K.K.Baczyńskiego__PL.pdf

The file contains my own novel.

download: Zaufaj_wiersz_PL_AJ.pdf

Praca z obszaru psychologii (PL)

The file contains an essay wrote for psychology classes, which were about how psychologists work at school with children and young students.

download: Praca_pisemna_psychologia_AJ_PL.pdf

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