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Start with the customer and work backwards. My name is Adam and I have been interested in the art of drawing for many years. Over the years, my interests have expanded so much that I have started to make a living out of doing my passion. The range of activities also expanded to many types of 3D graphics including visualization. I am glad that I dare to create an account here and I hope that you will be satisfied with the cooperation with me. Regards and I wish everyone a good day! Adam


3d Adobe photoshop Banner Bussines card Corporate identity Design Drawing Graphics Illustrations Layout design Leaflets Logo Modeling 3D Packaging design Posters Pre-press Rendering Szparowanie Vector graphics Visualizing 3D Web design


portfolio/013/155813/adam-krasa-leniwiec-a.jpg Vector Pattern - na odzież i nie tylko

Repetitive patterns for apparel and more! I work with well-known and loved Edyta Kleist ( ) you can check out the graphics on clothing.

portfolio/013/155813/adam-krasa-sexy-cars-logo.jpg Ilustracje

I also do vector illustrations not only in modern style, but also like to taste in retro and vintage. You will find something for you for sure!

portfolio/013/155813/adam-krasa-x-img-1576172357667.jpg Rysunek/szkic/portret

I have been drawing since I was a child, because it was thanks to my Dad that I fell in love with the art of drawing.

portfolio/013/155813/adam-krasa-herb-mockup.jpg Projektowanie logo

Logo designs by me are usually a concrete conversation about the concept itself. The more information we can determine the more interesting the project will be. I don't tend to stick to one design style. I create from serious to cartoonish.

portfolio/013/155813/Szklana_1.jpg Wizualizacje/ modelowanie 3D/ animacje

I have also been doing 3D modeling for many years, but recently I felt the urge to create amazing visualizations. I already have a number of completed projects that I am extremely proud of!