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From: Poland

Location: Warszawa, PL

On Useme since 15 March 2016

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About me

Welcome on my profile. I am qualified in translating Polish to English and other way around. I also write and edit texts in both of those languages. I create and manage profiles on social media and quit often participate in various marketing projects (WOMM, buzz marketing). I am a high skilled copywriter, experienced in creating authentic messages. I have authored few dozens of papers and articles, a sleep story for children and a novel.




Portfolio item
Lemoniadowe oczyszczanie

Translating (ENG - PL) a lifestyle book, focused on regaining healt, detoxification and lifestyle.

Portfolio item FragOut Magazine

Articles writing and translating (available in both, Polish and...

Portfolio item
Piesek z Karbali

A little dog from Karbala - a sleep story for children about a little puppy rescued by Polish soldier

Portfolio item
Girls and Sex

Translating (ENG - PL) a book focused on social issues, gender studies that is at the same time a guidebook for teenagers' / young adults' parents.

Portfolio item Wiara i Mundur

Helping in the Middle East - an article on providing and distributing humanitarian aid in Iraqi Kurdistan

Love will be there - article on restoring local societies after ISIS invasion in Kurdistan

Walk through the city that is no more -...

Portfolio item
Przetrwać Belize

Translating (PL - ENG) of the novel written by former special forces soldier. Done for polish publishing house - BELLONA