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    semply 5 deals
    Texts for product categories
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, We are looking for a subcontractor to create category descriptions for building products, tiling and the like. Quality counts and expertise is welcome. A single description is expected to be about 1500 characters, and all of them together more than 30k. Please quote me a rate per 1000 characters.
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    Natalia Kaleta 2 deals
    I am looking for a copywriter with good knowledge of the IT industry and the English language. The subject of the order will be descriptions of enterprise-class solutions. We provide materials in English, so its knowledge at an advanced level is required. We are interested in long-term cooperation. Applications without a portfolio with texts from the IT industry, will not be considered. We are interested in long-term cooperation.
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    bright_removals 3 deals
    Order for writing texts for a blog and websites. About 5000-7000 characters. Subject to be determined. I am willing to establish a long-term cooperation, at least 1 text a month. Subject matter: transport/shipping/relocations
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    czakam 1 deal
    We need about 30 texts (180 k characters) per month from the beauty industry in German , please send me offers including price per 1000 characters and sample texts.
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    Copy in English - Technical SEO
    Proposed by freelancer
    SEO text in English on topics related to construction machinery. I am requesting a quote for 30,000 characters
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    Michał Samaruk 8 deals
    Good day, I am looking for a copywriter to create a series of texts on offshore topics and fill a section on https://magoffshore.pl/. Working language English + writing for keywords. I am looking for a person ONLY with experience / knowledge / willingness to explore the topic in the area of offshore wind farms (processes, construction, case studies, etc.) to rock the website www.magoffshore.pl
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    LepszyContent 34 deals
    Copywriter for legal texts
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter to prepare legal texts. The spreads when it comes to the rate are PLN 15 - 20 net for 1000 characters with spaces. The subject matter of the ordered articles is varied, from trademark registration to debt collection. I am asking for a quote for 10 texts.
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    Hi! We are a large project that familiarizes users from around the world with the IGaming. We invite a qualified copywriter to cooperate with us. We are looking for an SEO English copywriter/ content writer (creator), who would like to join our project in a long-term relationship and become an expert in the niche. Your tasks will be сontent creation (iGaming brand articles, ratings, experiences) Example: https://online-casino.ph/casinos/visa/ Here’s the list of the requirements we expect from our writers while making content: 1. All content that you do for our project must be unique and written completely by you. We don’t accept articles copied or translated from other sources or languages. 2. We expect the articles you write contain only necessary and interesting information. (It’s always better to ask what we expect from the text, instead of writing long tales just to fulfil the word requirement.) 3. We don’t provide our visitors with fake information. When writing brand articles, we give honest opinions. Copywriters need to mention if the article website: has no profitable promotions, works without a license, or has an old-fashioned website interface. There’s no need to describe everything in the pink light. 4. We don’t encourage our users to spend real money. We don’t attract visitors under 21 to try the casino games. We respect the principles of responsible gambling and encourage our visitors to do the same. 5. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. Please proofread before submitting. 6. The required amount of words can range from plus to minus 100 words. If the content contains twice more words than was set in the initial task, we reserve the right to ask you to apply corrections and remove unnecessary information.
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    We are looking for someone to professionally prepare and format an e-book in .epub and .mobi format from .docx format. The source text is a popular science book, about 223 pages (50,000 words with illustrations) We want the e-book to be assembled accurately so that the text does not split anywhere, and the quality of illustrations and the like is preserved. It is essential that the quality be the same in different formats (kindle, laptop, phone...).
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Dzień dobry, zlecę transkrypcje 4 nagran po 45min. Zalezy mi na tym aby tekst byl odpowiednio sformatowany - sekcje, listy, punktowy. Nagrań docelowo będzie ok 20 także chętnie nawiąże współpracę w tego typu zleceniach. Zależy mi na osobie z doświadczeniem w tego typu pracach.

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4 nagrania 45min

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4 nagrania 45min