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    1) images in the gallery, to display full height after clicked (currently too small, weird behaviour of the descriptions) 2) help fixing mobile functionality 3) allowing to display videos in gallery
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    DamianD. 8 deals
    UX - a new look for the site
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to refresh the look of http://pracawokolicy.com and improve the functionality and navigation of the site. I need support in this regard. The site currently stands on a Wordpress template. Please send me an offer with deadlines and a portfolio of work.
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    Consumer information and services portal.
    Proposed by freelancer
    An information and service portal for consumers. Its purpose is to inform consumers about their rights, increase their legal awareness, and offer legal assistance to consumers in various fields, e.g. banking, compensation,
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    EWT 2 deals
    We are requesting bids from individuals/companies who can perform the following services: - Rebuilding and comprehensive implementation of a website based on the existing www on WIX - www dedicated to domestic and EU markets - Preparation of texts for the website based on the provided materials - Adaptation for display on mobile devices - Adding a blog with the option to add more texts - Optimization of the website in terms of positioning Please ask for offers with a total quote for all the services described above and provide a possible completion date Requirements: - responsive website - optimization for SEO - adding a blog We depend on a person / company who will advise and improve our website in terms of functioning, search engine visibility in the PL market and selected EU countries.
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    I will commission a minimalist site based on WP onepage type We provide logo and content. 5-7 sections Required: - Full responsiveness - 2 sliders - Minimalistic style - Maintaining a specific color scheme - Plug-in that translates DE and UK - Chat - email redirection - Link to FB - Downloads tab Implementation time as fast as possible Free skin The price is negotiable Thank you in advance for the offer of 3 thousand for a one-page site on WP.
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    Konrad Dżbik
    Details: Landing page, contact form, about Us section, services section and why us. Wordpress put up, in the order I ask you to send a quote for the complete site-choosing a theme, customizing it and completing it with texts.
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    Change website address and add files
    Proposed by freelancer
    Site made on wordpress, is visible on the web - holos-med.pl . I want to change the name of the site to holosmed.pl, put the certificates in the sub-page "about me"(18 files) and after changing the name of the site plug the domain holos-med.pl to holosmed.pl. I have the domain name(holosmed.pl) purchased on ovh.pl, the server on which the site is I have purchased at LH.pl
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    ABRA-MEDIA 20 deals
    Website/ freelancer business card
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. website on modern WordPress template 2. responsive 3. with a backend for self-complementation 4. SEO tools added to the backend (free) 5. placed on a server in home.pl and launched 6. site content: - about me (text, photo, email address, active links, social media icons (on/off in the panel) - portfolio (table with works done example: date/name/type/short info) - price list ( little text) - blog - a few articles to boost SEO of the site, the ability to add TAGs when editing the blog - other according to the contractor's proposal 7. warranty 12 months 8. invoice
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    info.waya 3 deals
    Hello, We would like to discuss and at the same time commission some improvements related to the functioning of our website, which is also a store (ability to make purchases/payments) We are mainly concerned with improvements such as: - Optimization/speed of loading, page loading (a little too slow for some reason) - Adjusting the site to display on mobile devices (something is limping along) - Contact/order form - improvement, there are errors - WPML translation - improvement, there are errors - Payments - no possibility to pay by card Plus other minor improvements changing colors/background, moving elements, etc. In addition, we are also considering a possible order for the configuration of Google Analytics, Google Ads. We depend on a person who will advise us on some solutions that will improve the visibility of the site in the search engine and the functioning of the site. The website address is www.waya.com.pl Regards, Krystian
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    DL PMU
    A beauty salon website on WordPress.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Development of a basic amateur site on WP. Use of photo materials of the office and from Stock. Installation of plugins on WP and Pixel FB.
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Zlecę stworzenie na Wordpress strony LandingPage - przewodnik turystyczny

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