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    DevITjobs 52 deals
    We are looking for someone who will help us find contact with companies from a specific industry in the UK. We will need: - name and surname of the person responsible for recruitment / HR - recruitment email (either to this person or a general recruitment address, e.g. jobs@firma.uk) - www address where the email was found Importantly - the email cannot be from any tool or database but must be found on the company's website
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    Hi, we are looking for a specialist in the field of settlements with Mall, who will help us verify the correctness of settlements with this service - we will provide documents for a sample of 1 month (60 records). The task is to compare the documents exchanged between the sales company in Poland and Mall, check the value of $ and the correctness of the settled tax.
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    Entering goods invoices into Comarch Optima
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the manual creation of PZ documents in Comarch Optima based on purchase invoices. 20-50 documents per month, on each 5-30 items. We do not anticipate training in the use of Optima, so we require experience in the use of the program. Please respond with a proposal for the price of the service.
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    Outgrow Media eG 35 deals
    Mitarbeiter im customer support & social media - in Polnischer Sprache Wir suchen einen Mitarbeiter/in für regelmäßige Aufgaben (in Teilzeit oder nach Bedarf) in den Bereichen: Bearbeitung und Lösung von Kundensupportanfragen in Zendesk Bearbeitung von Kundensupportanfragen in Facebook und anderen sozialen Medien Bearbeitung von Kundensupportanfragen in Kajabi Vorbereitung und Posten von Postings bei Facebook, Instagram, Telegram... Circa 1 bis 4 Stunden täglich zum Start. Information von Useme: Die Abgabe von Geboten ist nur möglich, wenn: - Besitz eines gültigen Studentenausweises (für Schüler/Studenten bis zum Alter von 26 Jahren) - eine beglaubigte Bescheinigung über ein Arbeitsverhältnis mit mindestens dem Mindestlohn - Sie sind selbständig tätig
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    I will outsource the copying of 400 email addresses from the website.
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    I am looking for an experienced person who can make a "beautiful" multimedia presentation. There are two presentations to be made: 1 presentation deadline to 12.02.2023 Text and photos are already ready. The volume of about 70-100 slides I will ask you to design a template for the presentation with my logo. 2. presentation deadline to 05.03.2023 I am looking for a person who will make a wow effect in this presentation. there will be a lot of multimedia and videos. A well-designed template for presentation can be used in both projects. I am looking for specific people with experience due to the small amount of time.
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    Alexi Pawelec 1 deal
    Music manager, featuring
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey I'm looking for a manager to embrace me featuring with some rapper/rapper or anyone who has at least 10k subscribers on yt or equivalent. My music: shorturl.at/abjP3
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Office works
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Zlecę pozyskiwanie klientów, chętne osóby do pracy w domu za pomocą komputera oraz telefonu,

Osoba będzie odpowiedzialna za pozyskiwanie klientów z bazy którą wcześniej przygotujemy Interesują mnie oferty tylko i wyłącznie osób kreatywnych, pomysłowych,

cold calling/hunting/cold mailing

Mile widziane doświadczenie w rozmowach z klientami

wynagrodzenie będzie rozliczane za wykonane telefony + prowizja od klienta który będzie chciał podjąć współprace z nasza firmą

Proszę o przesyłanie stawek za wykonanie 100 udanych kontaktów

Mile widziane doświadczenie w rozmowach z klientami

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