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    Mentor Node JS- remotely, flexibility
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    GoIT is a company that offers courses for people interested in re-branding. As part of our business, we are looking for a Mentor with experience in Node.js technology to support our students. Position: Node.js Mentor at GoIT Job Description: Additional work, performing duties remotely. Mentoring students and providing technical support. Checking students' homework according to the set criteria. Time to answer technical questions up to 3 hours. Time to check homework is 12 hours. The group of students will be small, estimated at probably 50 students to begin with. The rate is 45 PLN net per student per month. Requirements: A minimum of one year of practical experience working with Node.js. Ability to clearly explain technical issues. If you are passionate about Node.js and want to share your knowledge, we invite you to apply for the position of Mentor at GoIT. Please feel free to send us your resume. Additional information: Location: remote work. Form of employment: uz/b2b. Join us and together make a difference in the lives of our learners through professional support and mentoring in Node.js technology!
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    Static calculation of structures
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    Hello, I am looking for a person who will make structural calculations for me of a structure, specifically a steel truss, and I care to calculate the strength to weight in the adoption of say 500kg of snow per m2
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    GoIT is an international EdTech company specializing in providing information technology education for adults and children. With our innovative gamified LMS (Learning Management System) platform, we enable students to learn online and automatically verify their code. In 2023, our LMS won recognition on the international startup platform Product Hunt, receiving "Product of the Day" and "Product of the Week" titles. In this regard- I am looking for a Trainer to teach QAA classes. The classes will be conducted remotely, with a payment of 300 PLN net per lesson to start. The planned start of the course is 18.12, lessons will be held 2 times a week, mainly on Mondays and Wednesdays. The QAA course will last about a month, and there is a possibility of continuing cooperation on future editions. Lessons will last 1.5-2h. We require min. 3 years of experience working in the profession Lesson Topics: Lesson 11 Overview of the Cypress framework Lesson 12. E2E tests Lesson 13. Page object pattern Lesson 14. Testing HTTP API Lesson 15. Performance testing Lesson 16. CI/CD Lesson 17. Behavior Driven Development review using Cucumber.io as an example.
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    Adding subtitles to a commercial
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    Good day, I will order subtitles for a commercial film.(It is about subtitles in TIK TOK style). We have 9 videos, each the same only that in different sizes. The text will be exactly the same.
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    To make a presentation to present the business model for a future position during a recruitment interview . I will provide the substantive content. Included in the order is the creation of one graphic based on the provided simple scheme. Presentation in PowerPoint or other- the target product can be a PDF presentation. Type and number of projects: 1 presentation: 15-20 slides 1 graphic
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150.00 PLN

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UX design
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