Zlecę napisanie 6 tekstów tematycznych - merytoryczne teksty wysokiej jakości - branża reklamowa.

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    We're looking for a writer ready to prepare for us a 2000-2500 word blog post about the biggest data security mistakes SaaS companies make. Before we sign off on the work, we want to meet you a little bit better. We'll send you a quick recruitment task (paid via Useme). If both sides agree we're a good match – we'll jump into the work right away. Here's the blog post writing process: 1. Before you start writing, we'll send you a brief template to fill out. This document will help you build a solid outline for your text and gather all the resources in 1 place. 2. After you finish the brief, you'll send it to us, and we'll give you feedback about the outline and direction of the text you worked out. If we're happy about it, you'll be able to proceed to writing. Otherwise, we'll ask you to make some corrections, according to the client's needs. 3. After you complete the first draft, send the text to us, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive, detailed feedback in the next 24 hours. 4. After we complete the feedback, you'll be required to address the feedback in the next 24 hours and complete the draft. 5. If we all think the text is ready, we'll take it over to the client. Your work is now complete! For this particular client, some industry knowledge would be nice, but it's not necessary – a great research skills will be more than enough to prepare a great article. --- We’re looking for a talented content writer to work with us on an ongoing basis. We’ll provide you with a steady stream of interesting work, processes and courses to empower you to write your best content, and ongoing support.
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    Lolly Leaf 1 deal
    Table of contents, margins, consideration of page layout in the book, bookmarks, cover, etc. I am looking for someone who has already assembled a volume or book.
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    Łukasz 57 deals
    Proofreading of texts after translation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will pay for proofreading of the text after translation. I have many texts to proofread.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Our team is looking for a person with involvement in the selection of texts and desires of amateur IT copywriters. In this role, you will work as part of a squad. You control the use of resources collected to collect resources that are within the scope of your business objectives. Experience as a copywriter is desirable but not required. What kind of person are we looking for? English at the level of Upper-intermediate. Ability to write coherent texts with a clear structure. Analytical thinking and attention to detail. Time management skills. What job? Write great content: blog posts, guest posts, press releases, etc. d. Collaborate with SEO specialists to make your content visible to search engines. Keep up to date with the latest developments in labor and marketing and best practices. Accumulation relevance tracking. Control the desired time and dimensions to get laid at the right time.
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    Copywriter for Poradimesi
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    As a recently launched start-up, Poradimesi team is seeking for a creative freelance content writer! What is Poradimesi? Poradimesi.cz is a website that specializes in providing useful information and advice in the field of health and medicine. On this site you will find a wide range of articles that focus on various topics such as disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, alternative treatments and much more. Responsibilities: - Research given topics to provide visitors with relevant and verified information. - Write creative and grammatically correct posts for our social networks. - Write useful content on Health topics (example: https://poradimesi.cz/zdravi/obstrik-muze-ulevit-od-bolesti/) - Follow a template with specific information on where and how many times to include keywords. Requirements: - Fluent Czech. - Excellent command of written Czech. - Skills of doing research and content analysis. - Experience in writing and creating content for websites. - Health portfolio is a plus. - Ability to generate original, creative and innovative ideas and express them in a simple way. - Ability to follow instructions and recommendations. - Understanding how to work with Google products, such as Google Sheets, Docs and Drive. - Meet delivery deadlines. If you want to help us to reach our goal in providing useful guides and interesting news for our users - send us your CV and we will contact you!
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    Bartosz Kurnyta
    In connection with the expansion of current offerings on amazon. de, we are looking for a person with text writing skills in German, English, French. We need texts optimized for Amazon's keywords and sales conversion, specifically: Texts written according to Amazon's guidelines, based on information provided directly from our product page. - Search for strong keywords for the product (gift set) - as many as possible. - Main keyword and long tail - - Using various Amazon related tools. (MerchantWords, helium, .... ) Title: Placement of brand name - containing keywords product name - features containing product keywords - benefits containing product keywords.
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    benler 16 deals
    I will commission descriptions of Home & Garden products in German. Requirements: SEO experience. Good computer skills. German language at the level of Native. We offer permanent cooperation.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    ptt-consulting.com need support in creating copies for the following artifacts related to IT Body Leasing: -Key Selling Points -Offer (email, booklet, folder) -Web page update
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    Dominika Gappag 1 deal
    I am looking for a person with experience in German sales services. The scope of the assignment will include the launch of the account. In the next month, launching Amazon 50 listings, ebay...
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    CCode Web Apps
    Hi, we are looking for a creative person to cooperate in the implementation of a web application (transport industry). The work is 100% remote. English or German at a communicative level required. Scope of work: - rewriting regulations, terms of service [PL]. - preparing content for the landing page [PL] - preparing content for FAQ [PL]. We focus primarily on creativity and ability to adapt in a new industry. Possible permanent cooperation in the operation of the application (acceptance of ads, verification of users), social media support. I would like to ask for the rate for the creation of content alone (given above in "Scope of work") and the monthly rate for permanent cooperation on 1/2 time (80h)
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Druk Reklama Media
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Job description

Dzień dobry.

Zlecimy napisanie 6 dłuższych tekstów wysokiej jakości do opublikowania na stronie www.

Powinny to być ciekawe, unikalne teksty merytoryczne wprowadzające w tematykę nowego produktu reklamowego wprowadzanego do oferty. Ma być to zachęta do posiadania danego produktu, wykazanie jego unikalności, dyskretna informacja o unikalności - wysokiej jakości. Ogólnie zachęta do skorzystania właśnie z tej oferty. Liczymy na kreację i pomysłowość.

Tematy artykułów:

- upominki reklamowe (prezentacja upominków reklamowych - rozwinięcie tematu ekskluzywnych gadżetów reklamowych dla firm, potencjał promocyjny upominków - gadżetów reklamowych)

- ekologiczne torby reklamowe z nadrukiem (bawełniane torby reklamowe)

- koszulki z nadrukiem własnym (koszulki z nadrukami)

- gadżety reklamowe - ekskluzywne gadżety reklamowe (gadżety dla wymagających)

- kubki reklamowe (nadruki na kubkach, kubki z nadrukami, indywidualne kubki dowolną z grafiką, kubki na zamówienie itd)

- kalendarze (kalendarze reklamowe jako nośnik przekazu reklamy i promocji, kalendarze ścienne, indywidualne, kalendarze jedno i trójdzielne, kalendarze firmowe, kalendarze spiralowane itd) Nie piszemy tu o kalendarzykach biurkowych, książkowych itd - można o nich wspomnieć ale to nie jest główny produkt)

Prosimy w ofercie podesłać link do przykładowych realizacji, pozwalających ocenić styl i jakość swoich publikacji.

Zainteresowanych realizacją zlecenia prosimy o podanie ogólnej koncepcji dot. zlecenia, ogólnych pod tematów, proponowanej formy artykułu.

Priorytetem jest jakość - merytoryka - unikalny pomysł - mamy świadomość, że tego typu teksty wymagają przygotowania i czasu.

Nie oczekujemy ceny na poziomie 10,00 - 20,00 zł za artykuł.

Cenimy Wasz czas i oczekujemy cen adekwatnych do poziomu prezentowanej oferty.


Number of characters:

Długość od 5000 do 8000 -10 000 znaków bez spacji

Type and number of texts:

Specjalistyczny - merytoryczny tekst SEO na stronę www. Ilość 6 wartościowych tekstów (artykułów) tematycznych.