Zlecę nagranie kursu video - "Pobieranie danych z API JS, prosta aplikacja"

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    Mobastir 2 deals
    Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript
    Proposed by freelancer
    making improvements to an existing web app built using Angular , NodeJs, and TypeScript. approx 20h a week. flexible hours
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    Hello, I have a file hosting service that has a feature that allows users to download files from other file hosting services. The user pastes a link to the file into the field and the script downloads the file. The order is to add a function so that before starting the download, the script first checks if a file with that name is already in the database of my service. Based on the file name found in the link itself. If it is found, then it redirects to a subpage of that file (each file has its own subpage). If the file is not in the database of my service, then, of course, the (existing) script downloading the file should follow. The file name should be read from a link that looks like this: https://strona.pl/hash/nazwa.pliku.rar.html Loading to the "/" character which is between the hash and the file name. When reading the file name, the script should ignore the ".html" suffix, which is in some links and not in some. Redirecting to the file page can consist of reading the "shortUrl" and "originalFilename" fields from the database, which looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/B8TFStg.jpg The link to the file page looks like this: https://strona.pl/2T9/przykladowy.plik.rar Permanent cooperation possible.
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    Max P. 1 deal
    Stripe Checkout integration for wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Details: * only one product at one price, * setting different shipping costs to EU countries, * option with EU VAT / VAT number. Documentation: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout
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    Hello, I would like to create a website. It is a fairly advanced site. At the agency, I was told that about 350 to 400 man-hours are needed. With the prices that are in the agency, the project obviously won't work out.... I would like to see what kind of proposals I will get on this site. I have a limited budget so I don't expect to find someone. Of course, I know that you need more information about the site however I am looking for someone who knows how to create a site. This offer is definitely not to programmers who have a sizable portfolio and have agency prices. Rather, it is for a young person who will create any site and is just entering the market and would like to earn a specific amount of money in a short period of time. If anyone is interested in this ad I invite you to contact me, preferably also with information on how much your hourly cost. Thanks, greetings
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    Prepare a program in .NET (C#) to integrate downloading sales orders from API.kaufland.de and adding them to the erpnext system
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    markdonesq 58 deals
    PHP Laravel/ReactJS developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person for the position of PHP Laravel/ReactJS developer for an interesting, stable project in the FinTech industry. Work in a 3-4 person group (2-3 developers + PM). Daily tasks will include building new functionalities and support for existing functions. Requirements: knowledge of PHP, in particular the Laravel framework knowledge of Rest API and related technologies ReactJS, Html5 + Css3 at least to an average degree Git, Jira Knowledge of concepts such as: docker, scalability, aws, serverless is welcome
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    Auto detailing
    Needs a simple script that will pull data from a company directory Data to pull: company name, phone, address, email If there is no one item e.g. tel no. then it leaves the field empty, but also imports this record I want the application to be able to pull a large number of data (important to test if it really works even if it has to pull, for example, 5000 company data
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    I will commission the development of a very simple text editor for macOS. The application should be created in Swift (preferred) or possibly React + Electron. I will provide the willing contractor with the interface design and all necessary styling information. The app is basically a text entry box without any styling (bold, lists, italics, etc.) with the ability to export to .PDF and .TXT files. Plus a line/word/character counter, switch interface modes (light, dark), switch font (about 4-6 fonts) and text size. The application must integrate with macOS - the various functions should be accessible from the bar menu, as well as allow you to open a .txt file in the application (option open in...). The application must also be as efficient as possible - it is a word processor. Detailed requirements described in "Required features".
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    Bpower2 9 deals
    The idea is that in the CRON code we take a few dozen reords to execute for which we need to execute the code in PHP YII. Now we run this code one by one, and we would like to run it in multiple threads so that they run in parallel
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    I am looking for a willing person to work with me to develop AI-based graphics creation software. The software is in the design phase and I am looking for someone to take care of the implementation. I am looking for someone who would like to develop this project with me after hours, with the idea of profit sharing.
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Desktop/web applications
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web application
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Job description

Zlecę nagranie video kursu na temat pobierania danych z API w JavaScript (vanilla, ES6), operowania nimi w JS i stworzenia jakiejś prostej aplikacji, która z tego API korzysta.

- pomysł na aplikację może być Twój

- ważne, aby osoba oglądająca zrozumiała jak taką aplikację stworzyć (w HTML/CSS/JS), aby mogła zrobić to później samodzielnie

- przekazanie pełnych praw autorskich na mnie, ponieważ chcę taki kurs odsprzedawać w swoich kanałach sprzedaży (nagrywanie pulpitu + Twój głos, bez rejestrowania twarzy)

Możliwa współpraca przy nagrywaniu innych, podobnych mini kursów w temacie webdevelopmentu.


Required functions:

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