Zamodelowanie nowego sprzęgła pomiędzy serwonapędem a śrubą kulową.

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    Proofingo LTD PLN 14 deals
    The logos are already there, but we will need to create their equivalents vertically, horizontally, in negative, in different tones, in archromatic version, signet, etc. We have the logos in PDF and PNG, and will need them in vector (SVG). We are uploading examples: Asking for a price per piece, for 3 brand books, and a turnaround time. Ideally if you would send some example. Greetings, Proofingo
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    A simple 2D animation explaining the principle of the service. The duration is max. 1.5 min. The animation should have voiceover and subtitles. It would be good to use the company's mascot in it, as "leading" the instruction. The amount at my disposal is 3500 PLN gross.
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    Kryspina Czujak 4 deals
    Online store is looking for 2D animator, permanent cooperation. Experience required.
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    I will order to make 3D furniture solids files from ready-made STP files. The scope of the order for 1 model (set): - 4 shots (front, side, detail - open front - detail shot: shelves/drawers). - Several color versions in one camera setting. Please give me an approximate price for a set of 3 shots. Permanent cooperation possible. Send us your portfolio and present the possibilities.
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    SKYMECH 15 deals
    Design of electrical schematics in PCschematic software
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    7H9. TECH
    Style design of robot coffee points
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order consists of a stylistic design of autonomous coffee points equipped with a robot-barista, inspired by the idea of Cafe X (
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    I am looking for a constructor for permanent cooperation, who would do projects for me after consultation. Projects of various , made preferably in SolidWorks. Projects of devices or elements of devices. Ideally, it should be a person from the vicinity of Poznan - so that there is a possibility of a meeting once in a while, discuss the effects or see the elements and devices made on the basis of the projects.
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    webmotion 35 deals
    modification of blender models
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission modifications of a ready-made Blender model - flyer mockup to other formats. The current one is a rectangle - need a different shape - scene unchanged - possible to move the object centrally under the render frame. Possibility of modification via remote desktop.
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    Commissioning a design project
    Proposed by freelancer
    The subject of the order is the design and possible cooperation in the development of a prototype of a smart shopping cart with consideration of the needs of people with disabilities.
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    We are looking for a freelance artist to do a dedicated futuristic fantasy style illustration using a neon theme. (Inspiration e.g. ) The theme is a deep tech studio with a lab, a machinery park of microscopes and nano-scale manufacturing equipment where we discover breakthrough technologies. The graphic design will be used to mark gadgets, quality clothing given to employees on various occasions. The illustration is to add value, testify to the uniqueness of the item. Part of the work is to be a good interpretation of the organization, to translate this into an image that will create an association with us for employees, but without using a logo or name. We would like to see a portfolio of the artist's work in a particular style and know the (at least preliminary) quote for the cooperation.
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DDITEAM Sp. z o.o.
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Design and 3d
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Preferable skills:
modeling 3D
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Job description

Zamodelowanie nowego sprzęgła pomiędzy serwonapędem a śrubą kulową.

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Zlecenie polega za zamodelowaniu w oprogramowaniu 3D np. w SolidWorks nowej wersji sprzęgła.

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