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    DevDiv 1 deal
    Windows server installation order
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order includes the installation and operation of the WS. The requirement is to discuss the limitations in terms of correcting the assumptions of the system operation.
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    Michał Rusek
    Administrator of ovh servers
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for an experienced person to manage a scalable server in ovh. A public cloud. The order includes: 1. uploading wordpress and database (the site is ready) + plugging the domain purchased in ovh 2. installation of SSL , can be free 3. checking for missing php modules and installing. 4. Testing the store, whether everything works well. 5. ftp configuration so I can work on the template files. Please give me a quote for these 5 points. And a quote for man-hours in case of: 1. breakdown and quick repair 2. changes to the server such as increasing the package to a stronger one in case of high traffic. Please send me offers :)
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    TeamWork application support
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We are looking for a person who can answer some questions about the functionality of the program within 2h. Such a person must use teamwork on a daily basis, be fluent in the application. We are asking for a quote for 2h of joint work/conversation. Thank you Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least minimum wage - having a business activity
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    labs 3 deals
    creation of a cryptocurrency
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a developer who understands crypto and will be able to create a token
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    redi 3 deals
    I will order the transfer of several sites from one hosting to another. Please contact me if you are interested. Due to the fact that these are different sites of different sizes, please let me know how much time it would take, how much for example a 100 gb site and how much 500 gb
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    Firma szkoleniowa 3 deals
    Looking for a communicative and experienced person with the ability to use MailerLite mailing program to complete the implementation of the MialerLite program operation. The person's tasks will include: - checking the correctness of the existing settings of the MaIlerLite program (mass mailing has never been done) and protection against falling into spam - applying a BASE of recipients' e-mails, divided into groups - preparation of a welcome email with visual brand identity - training us on how to use and send emails with MailerLite program - possible additional guidelines on the content of the privacy policy for sending mailings. IMPORTANT that the implementation of the program be done in a short period of time. Looking for ONLY PERSONS EXPERIENCED in the use of this program. SZY Email applications. We will contact selected persons.
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    Biuro-SKI 16 deals
    Looker Studio / Google Sheets
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to work with us to analyze data and create: - modifications and improvements to existing Google Sheets - creation of dashboards in Looker Studio Main areas: accounting, controlling, operations, project management. Please quote a rate for 20 hours of work and send your experience in the above-mentioned areas.
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    Anna Gąciarz
    Database automation in MS Access
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who is very familiar with MS Access for a database automation project.
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    edudyk 114 deals
    Setting up the new Google Analytics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We are looking for a person to configure the new Analytics for us. We want the new GA to include everything we have in the old GA. Of course, we will discuss more details with those interested. Feel free to contact me.
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    Zleceniodawca_1 1 deal
    Good day, I am looking for a person to help us configure Bitrix24. Mainly in the field of CRM based on the connection with BaseLinker. BaseLinker paired with Allegro and PrestaShop online store. It is important to have advanced knowledge of the programs.
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Oskar Milewski
17 deals
Job category:
Other IT services
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50.00 PLN

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Import wartości - cena i data (dwie kolumny).

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