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Wykonywanie telefonów do klientów, którzy otrzymali materiały firmowe

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    HS PLUS 2072 deals
    Call Center Operator for POLISH market
    Proposed by freelancer
    WHO ARE WE? We are HS PLUS - a leading company in the field of e-commerce sales. We are also a team of young and success-driven individuals focused on pushing the boundaries of online shopping and high explosive growth. You can check more about us at We boast some exciting numbers: 📦 10 000+ ORDERS PER DAY 💰 10+ MILLION REVENUE PER MONTH 👨‍💻 200+ CREW MEMBERS 🏆 THE LARGEST FACEBOOK SPENDER IN THE REGION 🌍 PRESENT IN 23 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Because of the increasing workload we are looking for new collaborators on POLISH market. About the work: - full time work from home, freelance or self-employed - 8h/day in 2 shifts, 40 h/week also during weekends - customer care and sales on different channels (telephone, chat, Viber) - gross salary 1000 - 1800 eur - LONG TERM collaboration - NO COLD CALLING REQUIREMENTS: - MANDATORY excellent knowledge of POLISH language (spoken and written) - work with only local clients - MANDATORY good level of ENGLISH language (for training) - required good computer skills - own work equipment and a great internet connection We are looking for a RELIABLE operator with possibility for a long term collaboration, if you are interested please send us CV. Informacja od Useme: składanie ofert jest możliwe jedynie w przypadku: - posiadania ważnej legitymacji studenckiej (dla uczniów/studentów do 26 r.ż) - potwierdzonego oświadczenia o zatrudnieniu na etat za co najmniej minimalne wynagrodzenie - posiadanie działalności gospodarczej
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    I am looking for a person to prepare an Excel file for me to edit in the future. It is about football statistics/data, which I will complete manually. In short, the idea is to prepare a file which, after entering the data into excel, will show the averages of various data/statistics in a clear way. Mainly addition, subtraction, division and multiplication formulas. Probably a lot of flits and maybe there are other ways? I'm generally open to suggestions, ideas and help to make this clear and functional. After selecting "team" from the list, I will see the statistics of a particular team. Further comparing 2 teams I add e.g. Arsenal vs Liverpool and it shows the team vs opponent stats from recent matches, season etc. (I can choose from how many recent matches to show)
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    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a freelancer specialist to help with Cosmetics industry, store: Experience required.
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    Przemysław Popławski
    Hello I need help with translation. I am planning to purchase from a store from Lithuania, which operates only in Lithuanian. The assignment would be to handle the contact with this store - phone and email contact. All remotely. To be implemented immediately.
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    Hello, I am looking for a person who will prepare materials for lesson topics in the form of presentations (lesson topics will be sent) for professions such as Massage Technician, Medical Sterilization Technician, Cosmetic Services Technician. Presentations in powerpoint file. Deviations may be made for English and sign language. One topic must contain a minimum of 20 slides.
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    tomrej1 12 deals
    word file
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a word file where I paste various types of text, I would like to paste the text that I paste in the place where I paste the text so that it is always formatted and that there is a font of my choice + a given size of the text, I would also like to remove the ability to delete individual tables in the file.
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    Scanning Parcels
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I need a quote for a google docs file where I could scan packages that come into the warehouse. The file would have to show the date with the time automatically after scanning the waybill additionally plus an extra column where you could enter the waybills that you need to capture and give to the person that you entered. Unfortunately the scanner scans with different "bushes" so this letter finder would have to search from a fragment. I am also looking for a ready-made solution.
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    Biuro-SKI 25 deals
    HR assistant with Ukrainian language
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are a construction company and we are looking for support for our HR/Recruitment department by a person with knowledge of Ukrainian language. Responsibilities: - contact with candidates (by phone) - contact with employment agencies - publishing announcements and posts on social media We estimate the amount of work at 40 hours per month. Full availability during normal working hours is not required: activities are also possible in the afternoons and on weekends. In your offer, please include your time availability during the week and the rate for 40 hours of work. Requirements: - experience in HR / Recruitment department - knowledge of Ukrainian language
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    Daniel 5 deals
    Listing listings from a CSV file
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will outsource the listing of about 25000 listings on eBay based on a CSV file. The file has names, EAN number, item number and in a separate directory are images with names corresponding to the CSV file. Best regards
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    Good day! I will order to download all scripts from , and put them on my online drive. I would like to ask for offers, along with approximate completion time. Greetings
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Office works
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Job description

Szukamy osoby, która będzie wykonywała telefony do firm, które otrzymały materiały dotyczące usług naszych klientów.

Cele wykonywanego telefonu są dwa:

1. Zebranie informacji zwrotnych o materiałach.

2. Umówienie spotkania ze specjalistą.

Proszę o podanie stawki za wykonanie 15 telefonów - 1h pracy

The job in figures:

w bazie posiadamy ok. 200 telefonów do wykonania w tygodniu.

Place or location: