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Good morning,

For the website - a dictionary of correct spelling in English, I am looking for people who will write explanations of entries with examples of sentences. I am interested in long-term cooperation with people professionally involved in language - translators, lectors, teachers, linguists, or people with native English. Hobbyist knowledge of the language may be insufficient, although if someone feels up to it, I also encourage you to contact me.

In the appendix to the offer there is a file with an example of the preparation of 1 entry (2 sample texts for the same entry).

Advantages of the order:

- no strict deadlines, no deadlines

- I commission a lot of entries to be written

- for a person familiar with the language, the order will be easy and pleasant

- the order is very flexible, and therefore perfect as filling the gaps between other orders, therefore I expect competitive offers

I will contact selected freelancers according to the "best price" criterion, choosing among people who will be able to provide texts of satisfactory quality. At the beginning of the order, we propose a test - writing a few words for a trial, the test is fully paid if the texts are of appropriate quality (expectations are not high - it is more about checking whether we understand each other well).

In response to the advertisement, I am asking for 3 pieces of information:

1. specifying how you are related to the English language

2. presentation of indicative "processing capacity" - how much of the ZZS in a month can be counted

3.price for 1000 ZZS (characters with spaces) per hand for a freelancer AND ADDITIONALLY calculated price for 1000 ZZS - net amount on the invoice for us (I am asking for two prices so that there will be no misunderstandings due to the incorrect nomenclature used by useme to determine the amounts "on hand" and "on invoice")

The order is from the company: Concepts Marcin Zydek, NIP 947-193-82-65

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Type and number of texts:

dictionary texts in English

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