Writing an Application in PHP connecting a German integrator with a Polish invoicing program

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Writing an Application in PHP connecting a German integrator with a Polish invoicing program .

The aim of the project is to create a web application acting as an intermediary in

data exchange between DreamRobot.de platform and Fakturownia.pl application

The application should also have a system for generating accounting reports from all

invoices created in Fakturownia.pl (automatically using currently active Baselinker and created by it based on orders from Dreamrobot.de or manually).

Application modules

1 Orders

This module presents a list of orders downloaded to the database APLICATION from

APPLE database from DreamRobot.de system. The database will collect the following information about orders:

1. number of DreamRobot

2. creation date

Status (paid?) 4.

4. Amount of payment

5. currency

6 Payment method

7. delivery details

a. Type of delivery

b. Cost of delivery (gross)

8. settlement data of the counterparty

a. ID DreamRobot

b. User name

c. Comment

d. VAT number

e. E-mail

f. Telephone 1

g. Phone 2

h. Fax

i. Address

i. Counterparty name (first name/company name)

ii. Counterparty name 2

iii. Street

iv. Street 2

v. Postal code

vi. City

vii. Province

viii. Country

ix. Country (ISO2 code) 9.

9 Order items

a. ID

b. Product name

c. SKU

d. Quantity

e. Unit price (gross)

f. Tax rate (%)

10. sales channel

11. data from the sales channel operated by Dreamrobot.de (e.g. order number Hood.de, Yatego.de - but also ebay.de, amazon etc. )

The order table will be updated by the application script via

DreamRobot API in a specific time interval e.g. every 2 hours. With this assumption

system will make 12 requests to the API per day, which will generate 360 requests per month.


The invoicing script will be executed similarly. Using API

Fakturownia.pl API and order data will be used to generate invoices. Generated data such as

invoice number, Fakturownia ID, link to preview will be saved in the Application database.

Required functions:

Orders The module presents a list of orders downloaded to the database of the APPLICATION from DreamRobot.de system 2. accounting reports A module presenting data from invoices stored in the application Fakturownia.pl application. For the purpose of accounting reports, data of individual invoices, such as: 1. ID 2. invoice date 3. invoice/correction number 4. number of invoice being corrected 5. order number from sales platform 6 Name of sales platform 7 Contractor's name (surname/company name) 8. 8 Net value 9 Tax value 10 Gross value 11 Currency 12. value paid 13. to be paid 14. country to which the goods are consigned 15. date of payment The data will be freely viewable and can be filtered by columns: ● date range, ● name of the counterparty ● payment date ● sales platform ● etc. 3 Administration Basic administration module enabling the creation of accounts for operators applications

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