Writing a bot to create massive amounts of Gmail accounts (about 120 accounts / day)

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I will order a bot to create a mass number of Gmail accounts (about 120 accounts / day).

The machine should run on Windows, but if it's easier to create (technically) it might be Linux.

The machine is to operate according to the schedule, after clicking the "START" button:

- disconnection from the wifi network (usb modem - internet from orange, with variable IP)

- waiting 10 seconds

- reconnection with the usb modem (to obtain a new IP number)

- downloading from the prepared Excel / csv / any other database name and surname (in order)

- creating an account on gmail.com, password 6-8 letters, randomly generated

(it is very important that the bot does not paste the entire text directly into the fields: name, surname, password, etc. - but that it should be entered "after the letter")

- saving data to the created account in Excel online (google docs) or any other form

- logging in to the created account

- at this point, the bot's activities and should end its activity

- after restarting (clicking "START") the activities from the beginning

Sometimes, when creating an account on gmail, the need for telephone verification pops up. Due to the fact that we have a large pool of telephone numbers (about 100 active SIMs in Poland), our employees can sit in front of the computer and when the need for telephone verification occurs, it will be done manually by our employees (entering the telephone number and the code from the verification SMS), after which the bot is supposed to continue to run automatically. The number of verifications varies - sometimes it is several a day, sometimes more than a dozen.

Currently, accounts are created manually by our employees. We want to automate the process of creating Google accounts. Budget to be agreed.

Due to the fact that Google periodically changes quite a lot in its algorithms, etc., of course, it comes to later servicing / modernizing the bot.

Please provide offers together with the price range, delivery time, and direct contact. We will contact selected candidates.

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