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    Maks Konarski 7 deals
    Technology stack: - React (without TS) - REST API (backend is written in Python) - SVG Availability: - minimum 60h per month
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    DATPOL 1 deal
    Data display depending on the day
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will write a page in php on which, depending on the day will be displayed different information. For example, 01.01 - text A 02.02 - text B The texts are to be retrieved from a database - preferably nonsql or external mysql. Some simple way to add new data. The data will be updated once a year. The whole thing will be displayed on a static page with php - the text is to appear in the selected place. If it is possible to display also a photo assigned to the text - ideal.
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    I will order the writing of two bots : 1) collecting ad ID numbers from the portal + phone number and saving the results to an excel sheet 2) collecting ad ID numbers from the portal + other data + photos and saving them to some database. Databases should be created in such a way that the collected data can then be uploaded to another portal.
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    We are looking for a good soul to help integrate WHMCS store with inFakt platform
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    GZ 1 deal
    The product synchronization process is to ensure data consistency between the data source provided by the manufacturer and the online store embedded in the Shopper platform. The API application is responsible for data synchronization, which is the link between the input data source (producer) and the Shopper platform. The API was created using the Sping framework, which is the backbone of Java applications.
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    AUP upgrade to php 8.0
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! I have this problem. I would like to upgrade the Alta User Points extension to php version 8.0
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    Nemo2k22 1 deal
    A bot that takes orders, "smart" enough not to be banned in one day. I am interested in such information as: - link to the ad - name of the ad - price of the ad - date of adding the ad - all information given in the category "Details of the announcement" - Offer number in Otodom:
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    Bpower2 5 deals
    microservice spam not spam
    Proposed by freelancer
    Make a service that verifies whether the content of an email should be considered spam It should return values: - from 0 to 1 where it defines how similar this message is to spam from 0 to 1 where it defines how similar this message is to other spam messages 0 to 1 where it specifies how this message is dissimilar to other messages not considered spam. at the end 1. message under investigation 2. list of messages considered as spam - can be empty then we use known methods, when it is not empty we examine similarity to those that arrived 3. list of messages not considered spam
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    Maks Konarski 7 deals
    Technology stack: - React Native - Exposure - REST API - React - Typescript (nice to have)
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    Roots Connector 2 deals
    Looking for a PHP developer (Symfony)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for PHP (Symfony) developer for a longer cooperation (at least for 3 months) The project consists of creating API and developing internal tools. Requirements - Symfony - Postgresql
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

Jako firma zajmują się stronami i sklepami opartymi o CMS WordPress poszukujemy freelancera do stałej współpracy przy pojedynczych zleceniach.

Bardzo prosimy o podanie stawki godzinowej w ogłoszeniu.


- bardzo dobra znajomość środowiska WordPress

- bardzo dobra znajomość HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, bazy danych

- min. kilkuletnie doświadczenie w branży

Required functions:

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