Woocommerce - one product - several suppliers - different SKUs

Jacek Kupiec
Jacek Kupiec
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I have products that often overlap from different suppliers, but have different SKUs for reasons of labeling them individually in wholesalers.

Is there any reasonable way to create a master product in WooCommerce with several SKU codes assigned to it from different suppliers?

When updating, it would pull the price from the supplier that has the cheapest offer at the moment. This would avoid duplicating the product for each individual supplier.

For example:

I have product X which is from several suppliers, where the SKU codes are: SKUD Supplier1, SKUD Supplier2, SKUD Supplier3.

In Woocommerce, I have a main product X under which I have codes:

-SKUDProviders1 (quantity 15, price: 30)

-SKUDProviders2 (quantity 16, price: 45)

-SKUDProviders3 (quantity 13, price: 25)

Woocommerce checks which SKU has the lowest price and takes SKUDProvider3 and sets the price to 25 and quantity to 13.

If SKUDProvider3 ran out, the next would be SKUDProvider1 with a price of 30 and a stock of 15 items.

I am currently using WpAllImport, which has the ability to add custom php code to extend its functionality.

I would appreciate your help in solving the problem.

Required functions:

-multiple SKU codes in one product -setting the lowest price for a product

Template / individual design:


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