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    Sahara 3 deals
    Configuring basic order statuses. Creating automatic actions in BaseLinker: creating invoices for selected customers - setting up numbering, status changes, automatic label creation, working on automating actions between Allegro and BaseLinker. Parcel kiosks A, B, C. Connecting mailbox. Printing labels directly from the program by Zebra printer. Creating a warehouse based on Allegro auctions and connecting BaseLinker with Allegro, Erli, Shopee. Full synchronization. Integration with carriers, Automated label printing when order is marked as packed etc. Please provide a full gross quote.
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    Cafessima 28 deals
    Our cafessima.co.uk store, which is based on Wordpress/Woocommerce is increasing its presence on various marketpaces. We are currently integrated with Allegro (through a third-party plugin) and with Empik and Erli and Morele through Baselinker. Integration with Amazon.co.uk is more complicated and we are looking for a person who will support us in this process and has experience in this.
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    asiakubich 2 deals
    Fixes - prestashop 1.7
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to efficiently make improvements to the homepage layout for a prestashop 1.7 based store.
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    Prestashop store acceleration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission the acceleration of the Prestashop 1.7 store. It takes a long time to load categories - that's first of all. There are 150k products, strong VPS with KVM.
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    Dominik Sadowski
    Integrate recurring card payments and set it up so it works. INFO: - The store is set up in Woocommerce - An account on Tpay is set up and configured - The card payment module on Tpay (via Elavon) has been activated - Tpay and subscription plugins have been installed After entering API keys and other settings, payments still do not work. The idea is to make it so that it works :) Please give me a quote.
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    We need to expand our existing website, which is built on wordpress with the ability to buy service packages through it. In addition, we would like an overhaul and improvement of the current site (updates, performance, security, etc.). Our services work on a subscription basis - we want customers to plug in a card, from which a recurring payment is automatically charged, sometimes augmented by additional one-time services. We also need to be able to view current subscribers and payment status in real time. In addition, after the successful establishment of cooperation (the first purchase of a package), we want the customer to receive an automatically generated document (completed with the data provided by him). Once the order is completed, we would like to maintain the cooperation on the basis of permanent maintenance of the site (updates, taking care of security, performance, etc.).
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    Aleksandra Przybyło
    Hooking up payments to a wix store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hooking up payment operator przelewy24 to a store put on the wix platform.
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    Este Group 2 deals
    I would like to request a quote for moving estesklep.pl store from IdoSell to the latest version of Presta Shop, as well as graphical and functional optimization similar to mintishop.pl website
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    Baza danych klientów 3 deals
    Store maintenance in WordPress technology
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who will take care of the site prepared in WordPress technology according to the indications. A person who will be able to make descriptions, run the store and mailing as indicated
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    The possibility for customers to choose the form of delivery inpost courier or to choose a parcel machine from the geolocator. Adding PayU payment method for shoppers to automate the process of sending the generation and sending the payment link. 7 day lead time.
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Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:

150.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
online shop
Valid until:

Job description

Proszę o naprawienie kilku drobnych rzeczy na stronie:

- podmenu zamiast rozwijać się tuż pod hasłem nadrzędnym wyświetla się trochę niżej (zarówno na wersji mobilnej jak i desktopowej), trzeba to naprawić, tak żeby wyświetlało się w dobrym miejscu

- w wersji mobilnej produkty upsell "może spodoba się również" wyświetlają się w 3 stłoczonych kolumnach, zamiast w 2 większych tak jak "polecane produkty". Należy to zmienić, tak żeby wyświetlały się w 2 :)

- zmiana wyglądu "search result page", nie jakaś bardzo zaawansowana. Najważniejsze jest to żeby strona była bardziej przejrzysta, żeby produkty wyświetlały się w jakimś innym porządku, z mniejszymi zdjęciami itp.

- chciałabym, żeby po przejściu do konkretnej kategorii w sklepie (są tylko 4) na górze wyświetlała się ścieżka, tak żeby można było powrócić do nadrzędnej kategorii.

Screeny i ewentualne wyjaśnienie prześlę w kolejnym etapie współpracy :)

Required functions:


Place or location:

praca zdalna

Template / individual design:

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