Website design as a daily news and opinion service based on Wordpress and Gutenberg. Details of the order extended in the attachment.

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    Maintaining an Amazon account
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    Any technique, with options for later expansion. Prerequisite: import of listings to the site by CRM system for real estate offices. No monthly/annual subscriptions, hosting I have (
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    we need a website built on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    we need a website built on Wordpress At the moment: - I do not have a website - hosting will be on - the website is NOT to be a landing page type - type of site is: Business card + news and IN THE FUTURE a store functionalities: - Contact form - Blog - Chat Messenger (connected to Facebook) - Gallery/galleries (serving as a portfolio, for example) Logo will be sent (it is in the process of selection) We have our own photos to use on the site We have our own texts to use on the site Subpages: - Homepage, - Portfolio, - Contact, - Gallery, - Blog, - Social Media, - Patronite. The site will have 6 sub-pages, with the possibility of expansion in the future. Template: 2-3 pages we like: Additional requirements: html + php + mysql, responsive website, adapted to modern browsers and mobile devices; preparation for SEO.
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    WP to WordPress migration
    Proposed by freelancer
    We have an internal brand we're moving to Webflow from WordPress. Simple right? Well​,​ on top of that​,​ we've decided to launch courses using Outseta's Video Course Template integrated to a fun primary template (we thought would help us get started quicker)​,​ Workment We're also interested in consolidated all of our data by setting up a DW on Snowflake then using for ETL to create more personalized messaging​/​experiences. We're looking for someone to work with us on a dedicated part-time basis over the long-term to: a) Help launch a functional and delightful (2) template based prototype b) Migrate the site from WP to Webflow c) Work with us for continuous improvement d) Iteratively rebuild the site from scratch using Finsweet's Client-First approach The person we'll partner with is going to be someone who is: 1. Creative​,​ rational​,​ logical 2. A critical thinker 3. Enjoys making people smile 4. Very (very) competent with Webflow 5. Has a superior command of front end best practices 6. Knows how to build delightful CX 7. Has a superior command of JS and backend technologies 8. Experience with Outseta would be awesome 9. Experience with Xano or Nocode.API would be a bonus 10. Effective communication skills 11. A passion to learn is a must 12. Effective time-management skills are required 13. A thorough professional who doesn't require micro-management 14. A team-player 15. Loves dogs is a bonus! This is a long-term relationship for a rockstar candidate.
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    Adler Studio 5 deals
    Wordpress Specialist - Malware Removal
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a website (WordPress) created and I would like to start using AdWords ads, unfortunately, google rejects my campaigns, adding that there is malware on the site. I am looking for a specialist who will help me solve the problem and prevent Google from rejecting the created ads.
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    Hi, I need to refresh the look of To do is graphics under the entire site (dsktop + mobile) and additional things that will come to the project. In addition, if possible to do to it HTML + CSS (bootstrap) under desktop and mobile. I propose to create several color variants as part of the order at the beginning. We will choose one on which we will work. Greetings
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    pawelms1 6 deals
    Website - geoportal
    Proposed by freelancer
    To do; - RWD web application (popular platforms, like presta or wordpress or economical dedicated) - map screen something like - user doesn't need to have an account to add a pin (would have say 2-3 to choose from) - administrator (admin panel) will be able to add pins and remove them (as a person e.g. supervisor) - to the user by means of location, the nearest pins will be presented (range to be discussed) - sub-pages, rather standard, About us, Contact, etc. (least problem) :) - creating a privacy policy The key aspect of the first phase is just the map and adding pins. Preferably a person from the tri-city area, but it is not a requirement. It would be nice if the potential contractor had knowledge of doing the project or a previous similar completed project. If there are additional questions for the potential contractor, please ask.
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    I will commission a website for a company that builds cars for sports, and builds certified safety cages. I would like the site to be created in wordpress. I care about a modern layout. Site map: - homepage - offer - security cages - implementations - contact I provide all copywriting as well as photos and videos.
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    Portal with job offers
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I would like to create a portal with job listings, focused only on one segment of the market. I need the simplest possible, fully functional and stable solution at a relatively low price - the first version of the portal is to be somewhat limited and contain only basic functionality. I want to see if the market needs such a portal, so for the time being I would not like to throw myself into big costs.
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    Urszula Grzech 1 deal
    Website creation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for someone to make me a simple website (dance industry) that I can easily modify (add photos, change content). Greetings
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Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
web site
Valid until:

Job description

Please quote for a website design [started in Wordpress(Gutenberg), excess plugins] as daily news and opinion service.

Build on the example of selected page elements below (to be agreed):

Choosing a theme for a news site with, among other things, affiliate program links/banners.

Adding/editing content.

The site is to contain several tabs; the most important is the news service, divided into four subpages.

Text news, also quotes, photos with description,s and other graphics such as cartoon humor.

The page is to contain a set of blogroll items with links.

Semi-automatic download of news from the Web: I decide which news to extract (the automatic is to be auxiliary, pre-selection according to e.g. source title, topic),

Excerpts of the service in the form of only the title, date, and image and a backlink to the page transferred by the automaton to Linkedin in order to promote them and go to their partial and full content on the page.

I have had an account on Linkedin for a long time, over 10k contacts; my daily posts get several thousand hits.

On the site affiliate links/banners to affiliate programs: an incentive to buy products subscribed to the above programs.

I also depend on external customers from the Web, which I could acquire through the positioning of the site on the Internet.

The website has to, among other things:

- load quickly,

- Bilingual: Polish and English,

- compatible with the mobile version,

- newsletter,

- logo,

- categories, tags; clicking on a category opens related article titles, going to them,

- sets: recent and popular articles, archive,

- "search" field,

-calculator, number of hits, etc.

- security and legal requirements,

- cookie information.

When applying for the project, please send me references and a portfolio, as well as an offer with price and execution time.

I am looking for an experienced and creative person; I am open to new and interesting solutions within the project.

Preferable solution

Wordpress, Gutenberg

Required features

Responsive website; semi-automatic import of content from the Web; automatic linking of a selected range of content to Linkedin; optimization; positioning; bilingual website;