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    Perser CV - desktop application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Currently, our company is looking for a programmer who would undertake to write a desktop application (parser) for us on Windows. The task of the application would be to read data (text) from text files (mainly doc, odt, pdf) and sort them into appropriate places on a ready-made template. The text files will be manually loaded into the program (preferably drag and drop) and we want the program to automatically generate this into a .pdf file - without a database, as we don't want to store this anywhere. I work in a recruitment agency and people send us their resumes in various forms. We want to automate the process so that the application will do the work for us in transcribing data like name, education, experience, etc. The application will have to deal with the assignment of the given information to enter it in the appropriate field in the ready-made template. The template should be editable for text placement and possible addition of graphic elements (e.g. banner at the top of the page, client's logo), and should have a function to exclude elements we do not want to include in the final .pdf. Technology of your choice. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.
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    Wordpres REST API integration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I need a programmer who can make an integration about a loan application using the example from the link below https://www.amone.com/personalloans/leah/prequals.html?&CCID=20430908204675334&QTR=ZZf202102082244110Za20430908Zg255Zw0Zm0Zc204675334Zs29930ZZ&CLK=666220815233425631&&exp=y design, proper https://www.figma.com/proto/SiULhdcdxVmODkFjnFw4q7/aplikacja?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=0%3A15&viewport=972%2C657%2C0.07&scaling=min-zoom to do is mainly the form which is in 10 steps, the rest of the site we have a header strop etc. attached api token and specification The second thing is that it will be a subpage for customers of companies performing services so that they can find financing, I mean, there will be more such subpages, it is just a matter of replacing one logo and another subpage link such as www.stronag艂贸wna.com/nazwa-firmy. Another thing is to track traffic (for example, we want to share with the company that 7 users have completed the loan application and 11 users have completed the loan application). And capturing the data, for example, to Activecampaign. Before they are sent to the partner at the end of the loan application. Please or info on what is feasible and what costs Tom
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    Dentonet 4 deals
    Fixing functionality in Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to help us improve the functionality on a site put on Wordpress. The changes concern the registration form. This is minor work, but ultimately we are looking for a permanent cooperation in a similar scope, also on other sites.
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    A platform for sales, web-based.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a web platform, the operation of which would consist, in general, in: - entering an item (product) - displaying all entered items in a dedicated window/view - sending the entered item (product) via API to 2 other services (integration/REST) - importing results from 2 services to the sent request - e-mailing the entered item (product) to a predefined list of recipients (permanent recipients, there will be 3 defined and editable groups of recipients with company name and e-mail address) - preparation of a panel in which the administrator adds and removes users - statistics in the area of products entered into the platform, products sold, revenue, margin , others (including to present the results per month on a line graph with the option to filter the period over time) The mockup of the platform is already prepared rally so you do not need to spend time on designing the appearance. Budget - negotiable. I foresee constant cooperation in the development of the platform as we get feedback from users. Form of payment (invoice, contract, etc. to be determined). Feel free to contact me.
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    qubuzz16 5 deals
    The system is to allow you to order a diet and pay for the order. There are to be 4 different diets (different number of meals in the package and therefore different price). The form is to include standard fields (First Name, Last Name, Residential Address with the option to indicate a different delivery address, Phone Number, Email) and a calendar to indicate the period of service. The aforementioned calendar must meet several assumptions: - allow orders to be made for a period of no less than 20 business days (automatically skipping weekends) and no longer than 3 months - block making orders for 2 working days from the current day (so that the company has time to purchase products and prepare the diet; for example, ordering on Tuesday the nearest available date is Friday, ordering on Wednesday the nearest would be Saturday, but since the company is not working, the nearest active tile is Monday) - automatically calculate the value of the order for a given number of days (based on the daily rate per package) The system is to allow no more than 200 reservations at the same time (currently the company's capacity is not large enough to prepare more than 200 diets/day). A necessary condition is to connect a payment gateway (Przelewy24, BlueMedia or an option for integration with WooCommerce because part of the site will most likely be built on WordPress anyway, so that the Principal can easily publish news). Of course, I will provide all the necessary data from the Principal. OPTIONAL - the system should allow you to put within each day's menu (list of meals, short, the text itself from the hyphens/points). From the administrative side, it would be super to have the option to display orders in the form of a calendar or "task list" for the day . If a preview of the menu for a given day was to be implemented (optional item), the admin panel should have an option to enter the list of meals, e.g. directly in the calendar. Please provide an estimate
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    Product configurator (WORDPRESS)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will establish cooperation with a programmer who will be able to implement in the service based on Woprdpress configurator that works according to the pattern https://komatsupoland.pl/konfigurator-maszyn/
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    Tadamart - agencja kreatywna 10 deals
    Webepartners integration with Woocommerce
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to perform integration of affiliate program: https://webepartners.pl with woocommerce system. Please find attached the details. We care a lot about time and further permanent cooperation with a responsible programmer because we will have a lot more orders in the field of implementations and solutions with WooCommerce
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    馃 UX/Prestashop/WordPress馃 9 deals
    Importing the store base
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in importing/transferring part of the database from the current store (sellsmart) to Prestashop 1.7. We want to transfer: - categories, products, images, descriptions, prices.
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    W 7 deals
    Algotrading script
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to write me a script for algotrading on the stock market. Ideally if you already have some idea of how the stock market works or even more in programming stock bots. Request then when making an offer for such information. If not programming skills are enough. The script probably in Python but I am open to other solutions. The offer is for one script, please write estimated amounts in the offer for now and write something about yourself because I will give more information to the person I choose for the order and then we will estimate the specific amount of the order.
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

We are looking for a company or a group of programmers that will help us implement a CPQ (configure price quote) application for the valuation of a range of construction products along with a system for ordering and customer service. The system should handle inquiries created by B2C and B2B customers, generate invoices and pdf files with quotes and orders.

What we have to do:

- backend for admin, employee, and dealer,

- frontend for b2c clients,

- a system for easy adding products and their configuration,

- a system for easy change of price lists,

- customer and dealer management,

- management of inquiries,

- invoice management,

- communication inside the app: client - dealer - admin,

- complaints service

- generating invoices and inquiries to pdf with the possibility of saving and sending to the customer


- the system must be fully adapted to mobile devices

- the products will have 3 types of valuations (material, per m2, and table - data import from excel table)

- The UI must be super clean and easy to use

- app in at least 2 language versions (ENG | PL) of translation on our side, the program must be able to add more language files

- only proprietary solutions - no WordPress, etc.

- we are open to the programming language and the technologies used

- minimum 2 years of project support


- we know what we want :)

- we have made research along with the written demand

- we have our UI mock-ups - although we want to see a different view on the subject


We need you to find out what else we are missing :)


- portfolio of completed works

- availability

- signing the NDA confidentiality clause

Required functions:

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