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    I am looking for a person who from longer materials on YT ( on average 10-15 min) will be able to select (with my help) the most interesting moments and edit from them interesting and engaging shorts. Depending on the episode on YT and the topic, it could be 1 short, or maybe 5. Knowledge of the IT industry (computer networks, data center, security, cloud) is required so that the editor will be able to choose an interesting short himself, determine the title, etc. In addition, of course, I expect experience in editing short formats, preparing and applying subtitles, possibly graphics and b-roll. Possible long-term cooperation. Also for editing materials for YT, or online courses, but we will start with shorts. Requesting a quote for 10 shorts. Also check the topics of my materials on YT before submitting, if it is something for you. You can find the channel by typing my name in YouTube. Greetings, Marcel Guzenda
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    MPM Studio
    Hello I will commission the editing of a wedding (1h) which consists of the preparation of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony, the wedding party and the outdoor wedding party. Image from one camera (a7III).
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    TWOJE.STUDIO - grupa
    I have a wedding to edit, the houses of the bride and groom, the church, a two-day party. The whole shot on 2 and sometimes 3 cameras and shots from a drone, some of the sequences need synchronization. All materials and music downloadable from the server. Budget 500 zł, possible permanent cooperation if the performer proves to be good, honest, and conscientious.
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    Campus of Life
    Editing of 6 videos of length between 60secs to 10 minutes to be used for social media (YT, Insta Reels and instructional sessions for eLearning). Content is in German languague.
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    The purpose of the order is to reuse materials from Youtube. Step 1 Watching interesting Youtube videos on motivation, business, development, training, etc. Step 2 Cutting about 20 seconds of material for reels on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram Principal: FoxGym - Virtual trainer using AI to process IoT sensor data during workouts
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    Mateusz Stachura 10 deals
    Product video on Youtube
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person who will comprehensively prepare video materials for a newly emerging channel on Youtube. Topics of garden tools. On our part, we provide the tools that the video will be about and we have a person who will talk about them. The order is for about 10 videos.
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    woohoo 3 deals
    I will commission a short commercial video from a provided collection of videos. I have several videos and photos that need to be compiled into one good commercial video for posting on www and youtube.
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    Stowarzyszenie Pravda
    I'm looking for a person for permanent cooperation in editing videos for a platform like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels. Editing: 10-20 videos per month (videos of 60 seconds maximum). Example of expectations (unfortunately, I can't insert hyperlinks here, so I paste links): - - - - - Requesting: - quote for editing 1 video - an example from your portfolio - information in what program/app you recommend editing
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    I am looking for a professional editor to whom I can entrust the care of editing my videos on youtube. I produce up to 20 of them per month, so if I am satisfied we can enter into permanent cooperation. As for someone on whom we can model ourselves in the Polish scene, I like the editing of Grzegorz Bobrek in his historical films, have a look: ( to him we can adapt the most ) Please see if you are able to do such editing and only then respond to this order. The whole thing done in the form of a kind of small documentary, you will also have to do research on the Internet to get as many matching photos, websites, etc. about what I am talking about in the film. You will also be able to refer to an English film on the basis of which I made a Polish documentary. The current editing video is about 25 minutes long.
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    Passione Kosmetologia 2 deals
    request that on the homepage add video
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Job category:
Expected budget:

1470.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
promotional video
video editing
Valid until:

Job description

30 sek film do użycia np. na youtube, z logo marki i na końcu filmu. kilka/ kilkanaście ujęć twarzy, rąk, ciał modelek na tle, ewentualnie reka uzywająca kosmetyku.

film dostarczony do nas w całości oraz dodatkowo stworznoe z niego krótkie filmiki promujace marke pod social media - instagram, facebook, kilkusekundowe. po 2, 3 ujecia z logo.

kolorystyka - bez biel, stonowane kolory, klimat utrzymany w klimacie marki KOI Cosmetics.

szczególy omowione w wiadomosci prywatnej.

Type and length:

wszystko opisane w punkcie powyzej.