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    Patryk 5 deals
    Printable product catalog
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello. I will commission a product catalog. A total of 32 pages in size 210 x 210 mm Texts and graphics as well as a draft of the catalog made in powerpoint are available. The catalog will be given to print as well as distributed digitally in pdf format. After completion of the order we need to otryzmać PSD file with the final version of the catalog. Offers preferably with work done so far.
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    Turboseo.pl Agencja IT/DEV 6 deals
    We are looking for a freelancer with experience in topics related to layout design for Figma, Adobe XD websites. We insist on a lot of experience in these themes, creativity and speed of execution of the order and an attractive price offer. We also have orders for mobile application design, banners, logos, flyers, etc. In total, the design of the main page + 10 subpages, based on the scheme of SG, + screen bases, arrangements. WHEN SUBMITTING AN OFFER, PLEASE ATTACH A PORTFOLIO DOT UI UX WEB DESIGN / MADE P{PROJECTS IN FIGMA ETC!
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    Logos and business cards
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a logo and business cards for finishing work. A company called K Style, more or less the logo is to look like: the roof of the house/building and under it the name of the company, one example the name written in normal font and the second design K written as if with a brush. Business card first design - yellow color logo black - data on the other side in yellow on a black background. Business card second design - black and white - logo black on white background, on the other side data in black on white background
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    Flaming Commerce 4 deals
    Creating 5 animated videos of 1-1:30 min each using the tools in the title or others. I will provide the scripts, as well as an example of the work I am interested in. Rate adequate to the skills.
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    French-polish bridges 227 deals
    We are a translation agency. We would like to prepare, using our logo and simple graphics: 1) a 3-page personalized offer for a specific client. This would be a template for other offers. 2) A 2-page flyer outlining the scope of our services in general. We already have an initial flyer prepared with our own efforts, but we would like to improve it to make it look more professional. There will be one main template in English, we would like to be able to then change this template into other languages on our own and change the text to suit clients in a specific sector.
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    We are an online store that specializes in selling wall decorations, including, among others, wall murals, wallpapers, paintings, wall stickers of our own production. We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation in the preparation of visualization of our designs and graphics of wall murals and wallpapers on the mockup of the interior. Graphics should be presented on a fragment of the wall of a suitably selected mockup. We prepare and make available a database of mockups as well as graphics and patterns of wall murals and wallpapers for pasting. We would also like to commission the preparation of more mockups for our products, which we can later use in product presentations.
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    Creating a new design for the application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a design refresh of an existing application. The design is to be created on figma, it is to take into account RWD and a minimalist mobile - client application. The app contains 3 main sections, there are a lot of dashboards and data presentation. The app is to be modern, minimalist and rotten with UX principles.
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    jozefkaczma 3 deals
    We are requesting a quote for the graphic design of an ebook on homemade cat meals. Our goal is to turn a text of less than 2,000 words into an attractive ebook in PDF format, also including relevant photos accompanying each dish. Project details and requirements: 1. ebook content: - Text with a total length of no more than 2,000 words will be provided. - The text shall include information on different types of cat meals, their ingredients, nutritional values, proportions and preparation instructions. - The content must be clear, well-organized and suitable for reading on electronic devices. 2 Graphic design: - The ebook should have a professional and attractive design, adapted to the topic of cats and nutrition. - Graphics, photos and illustrations should be used to make the content visually appealing. - The design should be clear, aesthetically pleasing and fit the format of the PDF e-book. 3 - Photos of dishes: - A photo showing the finished cat dish is required for each dish. - Photos must be high quality, well-lit and visually appealing. - The photos should be suitable for inclusion in the ebook.
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    Fundacja IWP
    logo for foundation
    500.00 PLN
    we are looking for a logo of our foundation related to what we have now, however, something better:), which will work better on gadgets, especially on the t-shirts of volunteers. Plus the slogan 1) we help to help (for us) 2) I help (da volunteers)? #employeevolunteerism #socialcapital #collaboration #socialflow #inter-sector partnerships #together Current until the end of June max.
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    The goal of the project is to create a unique gift for a specific person. It is about a 120x 80 painting slightly inspired by the movie Top Gun, with additional guidelines and based on the person's photos. Details of the project after presenting the price and date of execution. The technique of execution is free (for example, computer graphics, sketch, pastels, painter's crayons).
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

300.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
bussines card
layout design
web design
Valid until:

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Wykonam logo dla firmy lub instytucji, do wyboru jeden z trzech przedstawionych projektów.

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