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    Kacper Słaby 2 deals
    Good Morning! I am looking for a person to seek potential clients on my behalf for the following services: - conducting social media - Creating a website - Maintenance of an existing website - google business cards - Creation, maintenance, positioning. I am a freelancer who is building his portfolio - so the client target can be smaller companies or individuals. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity 2022-08-09 13:13 Tomasz Inglot: Adding ads in Useme is free of charge, however, due to the security of transactions, billing by Useme is required. We issue a VAT invoice for each job, so please let us know if the invoice should be issued to a company and not an individual. Best!
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    If you are open to contact with people and enjoy talking to them, this offer is for you. Modern-IT is looking for people willing to establish permanent long-term cooperation. If you manage to find a client with whom we will sign a contract for software development, you will also benefit from it. For you it will be 250 PLN net for the first five contracts. After that the remuneration increases to 350 PLN net. The matter is very simple - find a client willing to create software, e.g. - website - web application - server application and get in touch with us!
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    Prolego 622 deals
    I will outsource the acquisition of EU/US clients/leads (English) for a softwarehouse company and a graphic design studio. Possible long-term orders through Useme and development of cooperation. For quotation: acquisition of 10 inquiries/leads Please include in your offer a description of your experience/known methods and ways of acquiring leads - only practical experience, not theory!
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    Sell my websites
    Proposed by freelancer
    If you are able to get customers for websites, you are cordially invited to cooperate. On fair and preferential terms, which are as follows: 1 .Your own website You will receive a website with an e-mail box, where the offer, my previous realizations, and your and only your contact information will be presented. The website will be at (e.g., and the email box will be (e.g. You can use your private email box, but it looks much more professional if the box is linked to the site address. 2. customer and arrangements with him You find a client and arrange with him all the details about the site he needs. You send the arrangements to me (without the client's details). If more information is needed, additional questions from my side go to you, and you send them to the client. Once everything is clear, I prepare the site. 3. evaluation of the site by the client You get a link from me to the finished site, which you forward to the client. Similar to the point above there is an exchange of emails with comments about the site. The client writes to you, you write to me, etc. I make any corrections according to the client's comments. 4. the client pays for the site Once everything is ready and approved by the client, you give me the client's details so that I can invoice him. At the same time, you invoice me via useme for 150 PLN net, which is your fee for getting the client. 5 My offer I don't think I can provide a link to the page with my offer here, so I'll do it when you contact me. I will only mention that I have a set price list and most often the cost of a site made by me is 1500 PLN net. An additional advantage is that each client receives from me an animated intro with their logo.
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    Paul M
    I am looking for a person who will search for companies from the Swedish market matching my preferences I set the scope of the search and you provide me with a list of companies e.g. in exel or something like that Permanent order
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    Paul M
    I am looking for a person to assist me with customer contact and sales. The job involves translating messages and calling and talking to customers. Mandatory requirements are fluent Swedish The amount of work depends on the day, sometimes there may be 40-50 short messages to translate and sometimes 5 I provide a phone with a Swedish number for calls I am interested in permanent cooperation
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    Joanna Król
    Commissioning the sale
    60.00 PLN
    I will order the sale of sets of jewelry and earrings and bracelets for individual customers , store or gallery dealing with the sale of jewelry. To begin with, I propose cooperation for an order of 60 PLN for the sale of several sets of jewelry or earrings or bracelets. If possible and the demand for jewelry, you can increase sales for more pieces. After completion of the order and good cooperation, I offer further sales orders. You can get more news on the order through Useme's internal messaging system. Information from Useme: please apply only to people who meet the criteria for the settlement of the order contract by Useme,
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    Joanna Król
    Order description I will order customer acquisition or sales of jewelry sets. To begin with, I offer cooperation for an order for the amount of PLN 11 for the sale of one set of jewelry. As opportunities and demand for jewelry can be increased to sell more pieces. After completion of the order and good cooperation, I propose further sales orders.
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    Prolego 622 deals
    Sales Project Manager
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource to lead and manage a sales project, we are looking for someone with experience in sales and micro-team management. Project with huge growth potential + international reach. Additionally great if you have experience in HR/recruiting or just building your own teams. We are asking for price proposals for 20 hours of assignment per month.
YouLead sp. z o.o.
YouLead sp. z o.o.
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pozyskiwanie klientów
wirtualna asystentka
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Job description

Poszukujemy osoby, która będzie się kontaktować się telefonicznie z gronem potencjalnych klientów, którzy zostali wyselekcjonowani z posiadanych przez nas baz danych firm.

Rozmowy należy odbywać według określonego scenariusza, którzy dostarczamy.

Wg naszych doświadczeń z 80 numerów jakie przekazujemy udaje się dodzwonić do około 20 i odbyć rozmowę. Opracowanie takiej bazy zajmuje max. 20h.

Proszę o podawanie oczekiwanej kwoty za wykonanie tej pracy.

Prosimy o zgłoszenia tylko osoby spełniające kryteria rozliczeń umowy zlecenie przez Useme, tj. studentów do 26 r.ż. lub osoby zatrudnione na etat/zlecenie o wynagrodzeniu nie niższym niż najniższa krajowa.

The job in figures:

baza 80 kontaktów, 20 odbytych rozmów, max 20h pracy (da się szybciej)

Place or location:

zdalnie lub w biurze, udostępniamy telefon