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    Paweł Kopciński 13 deals
    I will order the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation from scratch from a ready-made project made in Adobe XD.
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    Tools for the above mentioned activities: 1. 2. 3. 4. I am always able to prepare a page on myself. All I need is a connection to the rest of the listed tools. Everything on demo accounts, preferably to make a pre-sale of services or products for which the whole "harvester" will be used. In general, the idea is to demonstrate to a potential customer the possibility of "inserting" his actions in the business in a cycle of automated activities that will also allow him to further scale his business. I am looking for someone who in a simple and easy way to prepare, on the basis of the above tools, a description of such a service that I will later use in meetings with representatives of companies and enterprises.
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    Personomics 1 deal
    I'm looking for someone to upload to PrestaShop: - 23 products with images and descriptions - entering all SEO tags (including title, description, image alt, etc.) The above will be provided in excel + images in a ZIP package. Also to be configured will be: - VAT rates - categories - attributes
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    Fundusze UE
    EU Funds Specialist
    1300.00 PLN
    1. contacting clients from the company in order to prepare application documentation. 2. applying for EU Funds. 3. accounting for EU funds. 4. supporting the Company in its daily operations. Requirements: Experience in applying for or accounting for EU Funds Knowledge of Word and Excel at the level of daily operations Willingness to learn Meticulousness, perseverance, accuracy, attentiveness, punctuality References from previous places of employment are welcome Knowledge of financial and legal aspects of business operations - welcome
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Marek Siarkiewicz
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Office works
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Job description

We are looking for a person who has experience as a freelancer in the Ukrainian market. The idea is to obtain relevant information about the Ukrainian freelancing market:

- the most common ways of billing remote workers: what kind of contract employers make with freelancers? In what situations no contract is concluded (the scale of the shadow economy). What are the taxes when concluding such contracts?

- Do Ukrainian clients require invoices or do they prefer to settle in a different way?

- Do freelancers usually open their own one-person business? Or do they prefer to account in a different way (e.g. with an employment contract or a contract for a specific order or without a contract)? Can we estimate what percentage of freelancers run their 1-person businesses and what percentage operate without their own business?

- On which platforms do Ukrainian freelancers look for assignments? Are they more often global platforms (e.g. Upwork, Fiverr) or local (with Ukrainian employers)? It is important here to provide the numbers of Ukrainian users of these different platforms.

- Which portals have the best market position? (Which are the most popular among freelancers).

- Let's assume that a Ukrainian freelancer has found a client from abroad, for example from Germany, England, USA, or Poland. They settle outside the marketplace. Will the client require an invoice from the freelancer? Therefore, will the freelancer set up his own company, or are there other ways to handle this issue? Will invoices issued by the freelancer always be accepted by the foreign client?

- What channels do freelancers use to get paid by foreign clients? (e.g. bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, TransferGo, or maybe in cryptocurrencies?).

- What are the popular communication channels - social media, messengers, search engines.

- Do companies such as Useme operate on the Ukrainian market?

- Other relevant information, important when entering the Ukrainian market with an online service such as Useme.

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remote work

The job in figures:

Providing information in any form, in Polish or Russian. The fee will be determined after the initial determination of what information will be included in the report. Subsequent plus adjustments are possible, depending on the scope and quality of obtained data.