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    Weronika Berg
    I will order the acquisition of customers for the printing company. We are engaged in the comprehensive preparation of self-adhesive labels, admission tickets, banners, tags and seals for printing. Please quote me a rate for acquiring 1 customer. Industry of your choice.
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    The subject of the order is the preparation of a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc with 1000 hand-selected positive quotes about women in English. Quotes don't have to be said by women only. Column A - text of the quote, column B - author. There will be more orders like this in the future.
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    DevITjobs 52 deals
    We are looking for someone with knowledge of German (at least B2) who will help us find contact with companies from a specific industry in Germany. We will need: - name and surname of the person responsible for recruitment / HR - recruitment email (either to this person or a general recruitment address, e.g. - www address where the email was found Importantly - the email cannot be from any tool or database but must be found on the company's website. We provide a list of companies in an Excel sheet. In the message with the offer, please add the word: turtle. The budget is not negotiable.
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    DevITjobs 52 deals
    We are looking for someone with English language skills (at least B2) to help us find contacts for companies in a specific industry (companies mainly in the US). We will need: - the name of the person responsible for recruitment / HR - email for recruitment (address to a specific person or general recruitment address, e.g. Importantly - the email cannot be pulled from any tool or ready-made database. We provide a list of companies in an Excel sheet. In the message with an offer, please add the word: turtle. The budget is not negotiable.
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    I will order the preparation of CSV files with product offerings to be imported in the online store.
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    I am looking for an Excel master to optimize our company Excel to have optimal usability like CRM. Generate labels, emails, documents maybe database pulling. Generate labels, emails, documents maybe database pulling. Checking if the current formulas are optimal.
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    Web Scraping - I will commission the development or configuration of an already existing program, allowing the import of data from the Court Information Portal into Excel.
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    Contreo 5 deals
    Sheet - product configurator
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for support in preparing xls sheet or google sheets as a form for bid preparation. Need broad and practical knowledge of advanced functions and VBA for excel. Example functions - importing a large number of graphics with embedding in cells and description from the file name in the cell next to it - narrowing down lower level selections based on higher level selections - saving the prepared configuration and playing it back
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    outmarket 1 deal
    To begin with, you need to add products using baselinker, training of the employee in this area - any form: instructions, snapshots, anydesk indifferent. Work out the details, product card, etc.
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    Creating a pivot sheet in libre office
    Proposed by freelancer
    The sheet has to store a database of customer orders and assign customers to different groups of customers and then according to these groups assign the order to a particular shipping employee, please use the data on the basis of customer A,B,C,D / product butter, bread, egg, etc.... I need to be able to easily generate a mailing list of customers in a csv file also according to a given group of customers Please do not accept the order if there are any doubts about the implementation Only libre office Only serious orders, I am interested in a fast turnaround time DATA is let's assume ORDERS customer email, product name, product quantity (there may be several products - I do not know how to solve this), package code, order number, status (shipped, not shipped) (assigning to a particular shipper on sheet #2 according to filters), PRODUCTS product x / in quantity from 1-20000 product y / in quantity from 1-20000 product z / in quantity from 1-20000 CUSTOMERS customer email and more to be discussed with selected contractor
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BTS Design
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Data processing
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Job description

Poszukujemy osób chętnych do tworzenia list mailingowych z danymi kontaktowymi do firm znalezionymi na ich stronach internetowych. Do stworzenia kilkaset lub więcej pozycji.

Proces wygląda następująco:

1. otrzymujesz od nas listę w excelu z nazwami firm

2. na podstawie nazwy firmy należy znaleźć jej stronę internetową

3. ze strony internetowej należy pobrać 5 elementów:

- mail (do działu marketing / sprzedaż - jeśli jest dostępny)

- mail ogólny

- link do formularza konktaktowego (jeśli na stronie jest formularz)

- link do strony www firmy

- kraj pochodzenia firmy (siedziba główna)

4. powyższe dane wpisać do tabeli w excelu

Uwaga: - Jeśli zapis dla jednej firmy zawiera mniej niż 3 elementy, zostanie uznany za niezapłacony.

The job in figures:

Proszę o orientacyjną stawkę wykonania listy dla 400 firm oraz jakiekolwiek uzasadnienie, że jest się osobą kompetentną.