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Treści na stronę/blog dla fotografa ślubnego (oraz filmowca)

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    Order to add products to the web store Store on the Redcart platform, products from the home / interior design , bathroom equipment. Information, photos, general product data will be downloadable from the manufacturers website. In addition to the basic fields to be added such as name, price, page title, etc. then sometimes photos will need to be scaled to a smaller "weight". , and descriptions will depend on the product. Sometimes it will be a simple "toilet holder", and sometimes a more complex product such as an underfloor heating kit, where the description will have to be much broader The number of products is several hundred items at the moment, and we will probably distribute this over time. In addition, there are new product categories for which you will need to create an SEO description
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    We are looking for a copywriter, to provide different kinds of contents for our Start-Up GigB on a recurring base. GigB helps musicians and other artists from the creative industries to book gigs and manage their daily office struggles. Articles and other forms of text will be needed in the following areas: - GigB Knoweldge Base (Explanatory articles about how to use our app + tips and tricks) - GigB Blog (Business insights about the creative industries SEO optimized) - GigB webpage, landing pages etc. You should speak the language of our artistic customers and be able to do that in perfect english. We like it edgy and with lots of personal character, which we think is important to stay authentic and trusted in a time of AI generated content.
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    Correcting AI-generated texts in English
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    Hi, I'm looking for a bilingual/native/C2 copywriter with English to proofread GPT generated posts - average 1000-1500 characters - 20 posts per month. I also have other topics in similar subject matter. Each time a brief is sent what we want to convey. I am asking for bids with a price for the whole service of retouching 20 posts. This is a personal brand in the AI world.
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    Hire Folks sp. z o.o.
    I am looking for a copywriter with fluent German, project cooperation for a few months with an option to extend. Please ask for a quote of 1000 characters.
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    Texts for "Metal Garage" website
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    80 product descriptions for a lighting store
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    Wiki Hindi write
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a freelancer to help me write content in Hindi on biographical information. The content must be of at least 1000 words. I need help finding the content so the freelancer should have experience determining and researching sources. The content should be accurate and up to date with current information. Ideally I am looking for someone who has experience with writing in Hindi and researching topics in Hindi. Some prior writing or translation experience is necessary to complete this project successfully.
MK Studio
MK Studio
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Job category:
Expected budget:

1800.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
pre-sell text
Valid until:

Job description

Potrzebujemy treści blogowe na na stronę promującą usługi reportażowe fotograficzne i filmowe.

Szukamy osoby/agencji, która będzie korzystała przy pisaniu tekstów z narzędzi typu Senuto, google trends itd. w celu zawierania fraz kluczowych zgodnych z tym co wpisują potencjalni klienci.

Oprócz tego dobrze byłoby aby został zaproponowany plan contentowy, który będzie zawierał proponowane tematy do których będą prowadziły url'e ze strony głównej lub landing page tak aby nabierała mocy.

Strona główna lub strona landing page - 6000zzs (przykład:

Treści będą zawierały się w przykładowych kategoriach:

- porad dla par młodych, i narzeczonych - w pierwszej kolejności 5 tematów po 6000 zzs

- opisu trendów ślubnych - tego co poszukują obecnie narzeczeni - 5 tematów po 6000 zzs

- treści do reportaży ślubnych (galerii) - w późniejszym etapie ( szukamy do stałej współpracy copy).

WAŻNE: Proszę o wycenę napisania 66 000 zzs wraz z propozycją planu contentowego.

Ważne aby zamknąć temat płatności za usługę w tym miesiącu(wrzesień).

Wartość merytoryczna treści, tematyki oraz dostosowania do seo powinna być podobna do przykładów:

Type and number of texts:

11 tekstów SEO/Blog

Number of characters:

Każdy tekst ok 6000zzs