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    Sebastian Badowski 5 deals
    I need someone who knows Dutch at a proficient level, someone who has interacted with the language and will be able to translate so that a person who lives in the Netherlands entering this website will not have any doubts. I have a website that has 2 sub-pages, everything is in Polish and I want it to be 1:1 in Dutch. There is no room for linguistic, grammatical and stylistic errors because it might scare away potential customers. Everything must be as if it were a Dutch site from scratch. Must be a person who has interacted with the language and preferably lived in the Netherlands for a long time and interacted with Dutch websites/webshops.
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    SwissSoftware24 CH
    Translating ads to Google Italian
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need a person to translate advertising headlines, ad content and supplemental components while staying within the prescribed character limits. Experience in this area is welcome.
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M&M Gastro
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M&M Gastro is looking for a translator who speaks Czech and Slovak. The cooperation will consist in verification of translations or translation of the M&M Gastro online store's offer into the above-mentioned languages. Items to be verified/translated will include product names and descriptions, technical parameters and descriptive elements on the website. In addition, there may be additional ad hoc translations for the development of the website.

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Product offerings of online stores (names, descriptions, technical parameters), blog articles, dictionary of website translations ongoing translations of, for example, advertising banners and additional information on the website.

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Polish into Czech and Slovak languages. Verification of translations.