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    Lingua Line 4 deals
    I will commission the proofreading of 900 billing pages of text in English (1 pg 1800 characters). These are catalogs of pressure pumps (about 300 catalogs, very similar texts). Please apply for technical translators with a specific rate.
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    Translation of the meeting on teams. Work 6h, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 14.12.2022 Meeting on teams
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    We are looking for a translator from ENGLISH to POLISH to translate short stories/life stories for FIXED cooperation. C1+ level and stylistic creativity in POLISH will be a plus. More attention is needed to make it sound good (and logical) in Polish. ( Eventually, the material will be read ) Please indicate the rate per 1000 WORDS, and how many such texts on average you will be able to translate WEEKLY. We will reply to selected submissions.
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    Zagrobska 4 deals
    I will order the translation of 44 descriptions of toys into German. If the cooperation will work out I will have permanent orders.
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    Dawid Kos
    Regular monthly translation of texts on Photovoltaics from Polish into Czech :)
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    Good day, the subject of the order is to translate and edit 30 words from Polish into French. The keywords will be used for a Google search campaign. Therefore, in addition to the typical translation, you may need to improve/edit the words so that the words can actually be searched by search engine users.
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    ProjektP 2 deals
    TRANSLATION from from Polish into English
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a native speaker (English) to translate the text of a story for children from Polish into English. The number of pages is 31, the number of characters is 67,707. The offer should contain information about the price and time of execution of such an order, as well as information about experience in translating similar texts.
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    Konrad Bektowicz 1 deal
    Text verification and a little translation
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person who will translate the translations to the website, wordpress page, we want the site to open fully in Polish at the end of the work, 70% of the translations are already ready but we need a person who will complete the work and possibly make corrections to the existing ones if there are errors, page in English.
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    Translation of the Book from Eng to PL
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the translation of a book from English to Polish. Book - a guide related to habits. Relatively simple language. Please propose terms and rate.
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    IAC 426 deals
    People with French
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for people with c2 for French translations
Axel Media
Axel Media
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Job description

We are looking for a person who will translate from Polish into German two A4 pages of advertising texts for the google campaign to foreign markets.

I am asking for a price suggestion in the message

Number of characters:

one page a4

The language of the text:

From Polish into Dutch

Type and number of texts:

two A4 pages advertising texts of various industries

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