Translation of 367 characters from PL to DE + 400 characters on graphics in Canva

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    Good day, I will take up permanent cooperation with a translator from Polish into German of the content found on the online store. Garden category. The scope includes translation + keyword analysis + introduction to the website. Settlement by the hour or number of characters.
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    Hereda.Studio 2 deals
    I am looking for a person to translate the website into German and to enter the translations directly into Wordpress. If necessary, I will provide training on how to do it. Manufacturing industry, sample text: We have built our manufacturing experience by specializing in projects for the furniture industry, but we are able to help wherever plastic components are needed. For more than a dozen years, we have also successfully carried out projects for industries other than furniture, supplying injection molding and extrusion products. After agreeing on commercial terms and making tools, we can become a partner for any production that uses plastic components. Boldly looking to the future Thanks to our continuous development, we have become a partner for many well-known and respected companies, and our primary goal is to meet the expectations of designers in creating customized solutions. At the same time, we are not stopping, planning further investments that will make us an even better supplier for many areas of business. Please request a quote for translation per 1000 ZZS directly in Wordpress.
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    I will order the translation of a film from the 1980s, from German to Polish. The duration of the film is 1.5 h. The second possibility is to write a transcription of this film in German. Please make offers for both possibilities. Food subject.
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Dawid Koprowski
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Translation of 367 characters from PL to DE + about 400 characters on graphics in Canva (already translated with translator) but need to check and correct if necessary.