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TikTok coordinator for communication with creators in Italian language. Must be a native Italian. Good knowledge of Tiktok and Tiktok trends. Coordinating and management skills.

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    I'm looking for a person to run a product awareness campaign in German for neo-moms in Facebook groups. I am planning 40 posts per month. I expect punctuality in providing reports, the posts are not to praise the product in any way, only to inform about the features, specifications and encourage people to compare or check the information on the website.
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    only a person with experience for this country and knowledge of French language Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    animalhotels 9 deals is an app through which you can book a private pet sitter for your pet. We are looking for willing influencers - active accounts, preferably unfamiliar with short videos, reach of 3K and above with one reel/tik toku. We are eager to receive 3 commercials that introduce what is all about. Publication on the accounts of the creators (preferably Instagram and tiktok) and with permission selected will appear on our social media.
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    I am looking for a person to insert videos on German Tiktok. It will take max 15 min a day from Mon-Fri. Rate for a test week. Content is provided by me. Knowledge of the platform and ability to create an account, add videos is important. -> Only people residing permanently in Germany and having access to the "German site" of Tiktok.
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Seo and social media
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We are a leading e-commerce sales company, defining the sector with its employees. We've already mastered Facebook, now we are moving onto TikTok. Can you help us? We are looking for a native Italian person who will work closely with us by helping us searching and coordinating communication with potential Italian content creators to showcase our products. The job will take you approximately 12-15 hours per week, keeping in mind that the number is flexible. If you're interested, we're more than happy to discuss all further details with you!

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We'll work together to determine the number of videos and the scope of your work.

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E-commerce, Tiktok

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