The task is to design the graphics of the landing page for the desktop (for now, we are omitting the tablet / mobile). Please suggest three versions of this landing page.

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Preferable skills:
adobe photoshop
landing page
layout design
layout design
web design
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Job description

- Designing a landing page while respecting the current concept. Please keep the order in which the information appears below: 1. Presentation of the page concept 2. Information from the author of the project 3. The form and all its elements.

- I encourage you to enrich the landing page with graphics, change fonts, place information on the right / left side of the page. Logo - please choose one of the free Google Fonts. The whole is kept in a minimalist style, as in the prepared concept.

- The task should not exceed the deadline of one working day. Set your own rate.

- Please send me a portfolio with pages for mobile / tablet / desktop (I would like to see how the same elements were designed by you or your company for these three views)

- I am available to talk on Google Meet regarding the project itself and I would like to talk 15 minutes before the project is completed. It is important that you know what the nature of this project is. I will help clarify the message.

- Further cooperation possible (several web projects are planned).

Project details:

- Please keep the colors of the tags that are on the landing page and the general concept of black and white pages similar to appeals to me very much.

- the colors and style of the form are a copy from another site, so it definitely requires remodeling

Type and number of projects:

3 versions of the landing page for the desktop

Submitted offers (6)

Paula Durmaj

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  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • adobe photoshop
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Added: on 2021-07-31

Dawid Trześniewski

6 deals
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • adobe photoshop
  • ... (+29)
Added: on 2021-07-08


124 deals
  • 3d
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe photoshop
  • ... (+37)
Added: on 2021-07-06

Tomasz Kozłowski

  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe photoshop
  • banner
  • ... (+17)
Added: on 2021-07-05


122 deals
  • 2d
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe photoshop
  • ... (+14)
Added: on 2021-07-05

11 deals
  • backend
  • corporate identity
  • design
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Added: on 2021-07-04