The software house is looking for a UX / UI designer for the implementation of graphic projects for permanent cooperation

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    Pomyśl inaczej
    Narzędzie: Figma lub Adobe XD Stawka: per h lub stawka miesięczna (do ustalenia). UWAGA: Koniecznie osoba z Warszawy. Praca w pełni zdalna jednak co jakiś czas wymagane jest spotkanie by omówić jakieś szczegóły projektu. Wymagania: Portfolio ( ale niekoniecznie musi być jakieś mega wow - po prostu pokaż, co już umiesz :) Bardziej niż na osobie mega obeznanej w UX zależny nam na kimś po prostu ambitnym i pracowitym, Dużym plusem byłoby ogarnianie innych programów typu Illustrator lub PS ponieważ często robimy też branding / logo.
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    Michał Stachowiak 18 deals
    Postprodukcja wizualizacji 3D
    Proposed by freelancer
    Posiadam 2 wizualizacje zewnętrzne budynku oraz 3 wizualizacje wewnętrzne (przekroje domów). Są one surowe, prosto po wyrenderowaniu. Potrzebuję wykonać ich postprodukcję: - rozjaśnić i nadać ciepła wizualizacją, - rozjaśnić elementy budynku, - wkleić modele ludzi (2x szczęśliwa rodzinka z dziećmi) Zależy mi na bardzo szybkim czasie realizacji.
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    Przemysław Grobelny Consulting
    The subject of the order is to edit a collage showing 15 images of a woman in the following weeks of pregnancy. The photos that make up the collage were taken on different backgrounds and under different lighting. Editing should include: a) removing the background and leaving a white background on the entire photo (including the penultimate photo with a completely different background from the others), b) minimizing the differences in skin colors in individual photos, c) cutting out a small fragment of the ground on which the character is standing in individual photos so that the differences are not visible (or adding a shadow to mask the differences), d) overall enhancement of lighting/contrast throughout the composition. The photo is planned to be printed in the 30x40 cm format. A white frame should be added, which on the target printout will be 1 cm thick, and at the same time will not distort the proportions of the photo to the print (3x4).
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    adalco 12 deals
    Wstawianie tekstów na karuzele IG w Canva
    Proposed by freelancer
    Poszukuję osoby, która przygotowywała by mi Karuzele w Canva wg uzgodnionego schematu na podstawie moich tekstowych notatek. Karuzele najczęściej będą miały 10 slajdów, ale czasem mniej. Będę 2-3 schematy do wstawiania tekstów - mam je gotowe do ew. modyfikacji.
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    Agencja e-marketingowa 58 deals
    Cover and key visual of brochure/catalog
    Proposed by freelancer
    We would like to prepare a cover and key visual for the brochure. By key visual we mean a set of elements, inspirations and guidelines for the person who will deal with the composition of the internal part of the publication. Please show me some examples of similar projects (materials to be printed). We will send you more information about the project in the next step.
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    PokerFacowaty 2 deals
    As GSPS Foundation for the 5th anniversary of the first charity event we want to use a modified logo of the first edition. The original is unfortunately in PNG 1000x1000, so we need to redraw it to vector, but it is a very simple design (available in the attachment to the order). From this source file we need several result files: - GSPS letters in vector in black and white version - The same with the "Classic" lettering added at the bottom in a specific font (with the help of curves) underneath - The second image from the attachment (black letters, red gradient in the background) rendered in vector, which will serve us as the basis for the stickers (that's why it should also have bleeds and have a .pdf version, I will, of course, provide the selected artist with information about the printing house requirements). We are very concerned about time, ideally we would like to receive the designs by next Saturday. Thanks in advance for your offers!
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    Michał 2 deals
    Logo for a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    need a logo for a website
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    epizodar_pl 1 deal
    Hello, I will commission to design markers in the shape of circles, clouds and hearts (3 shapes). On the shapes the following inscriptions: 1 month, 2 month, ... , 12th month (12 texts), I already have a year, Welcome to the world, I'm already here, It's girl, It's a boy, Oh girl!, Oh boy!, Our happiness, Finally together Under the inscriptions, please add a small heart symbol or some small decoration in the form of a branch (it is best to submit a proposal before designing). Vectors as dxf files and preferably .ai to edit in Illustrator. I add a sample photo.
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    kpax22 3 deals
    Post-apo book cover
    Proposed by freelancer
    Commissioned to create an ebook cover, for a science fiction book.
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    Betica Andrzej Stanaszek 38 deals
    Monthly Graphic Support
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a permanent, remote graphic designer to prepare projects Permanent work, 8 hours a day
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Valid until:

Job description


- experience in designing UI for IT systems

- Figma / XE / AI

- Experience in performing advanced graphic designs

- Creating an animation

- Preparation of marketing materials

- minimum 5 years of experience supported by a portfolio


- please provide an hourly rate

- I am asking for applications only experienced people with a large portfolio attached to the application including IT system design (figma or xd), mobile application design, animation design

- declaration of the number of hours that can be spent on work

Type and number of projects:

To determine.

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Dawid Zbiżek

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Koski Studio

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Adam Rogala

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Eagle Code

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Paula Durmaj

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