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    Monika Bochyńska 3 deals
    Adding subtitles to a video in PowerPoint
    Proposed by freelancer
    The assignment is to add subtitles to a 9:16 size .mp4 video in PowerPoint using the font provided. The subtitles are added in the form of appearing and disappearing animations using keyframes so that they look like in the second shared video. For each subtitle added, in "Main Tools" --> "Arrange" --> "Selection Window" we add the same text as the text in the video.
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    Łukasz 55 deals
    I will commission the recording of a 15-20 second advertising video for Facebook ADS. Advertising with a woman who invites you to learn more about the offer. With her face visible. The product is a diet and workout plan.
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    I would like to commission the production of 4 promotional video clips (about 2 min each) on the following topics 1) Engineering for sustainable development, 2) Engineering for natural resources and the environment, 3) Technology for the digital age, 4) Engineering for the manufacturing of the future. The clips should be read by a voice-over artist, it is also possible to use a speech synthesizer (slogans will be in English). The clips will consist of a common lead-in and lead-out, a second lead-in characterizing each of the four themes, statements by project participants recorded by us, and a section in which the four themes mentioned above will be visually illustrated. We would use graphics and video clips characterizing each of the topics (preferred themes of the video clips used engineering, sustainable development, new technologies, ). We would see nice, effective transitions between the videos. Prefer interesting composition of spoken statements and video clips characterizing the topic.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 110 deals
    - video is 2 minutes long - adding thumbnail - improving sound, image - removing short pauses - adding stock video - addition of tesitcs and graphic elements - adding background sound I made a new video and will upload the file. But just for understanding here the previous version: Version without editing: Version with editing ( I don't like it I would like to do it better ): Feel free to contact me!
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    I will commission the creation of ads for self-tanning products on Amazon. Ads preserved in the climate of softness, femininity, tenderness. It is very important to keep the same color scheme and climate (we care about, among other things, beige background, preferably structured). In the attachment I insert one of our inspirations. The ads would be two: one focusing on the face (model with flawless complexion required), the other focusing on the body and the before/after effects (preferably a model with breakfast/darker complexion). The assignment includes doing the whole thing: finding a model, buying accessories, shooting the video, editing (and later revisions, especially if Amazon rejects the ad). Please send me a quote and a portfolio, I will contact the selected candidates - then I will also send a script prepared by us :)
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    They say warsaw 1 deal
    I am looking for a permanent cooperation. The scope of cooperation is recording and editing 15 second rolls for instagram. 6 rolls/msc industry: real estate
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    A series of videos for use in marketing
    Proposed by freelancer
    - 30 sec. - 1 min. - funny viral videos, - acknowledgements - videos for marketing / communication purposes I am looking for someone for permanent cooperation.
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    Combine photos to make a short film.
    Proposed by freelancer
    There are contents to which the pictures are matched. You need to read the content to understand the importance of editing the video. The point is to combine the photos are also videos into one whole. A couple of short videos
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    Smart Progress 9 deals
    YouTube video editing 7 - 12 minutes
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to edit videos on YT. The videos are uploaded after: - sound and video synchro - white editing You need to add transitions, punctuation, sound effects + subtitles Please give me a quote for editing one video (7-12 minutes) Order for 2 films per month.
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    Assembly of 8 episodes on YouTube(8x20min)
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to handle the video editing of 8 episodes that will go to the YouTube platform. The planned time of each episode is a maximum of 20 minutes. We will provide video footage of an overseas business trip.
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Cześć, poszukuję zdolnego człowieka do montażu teledysków ślubnych.

Na wzór (3-4min)

Wynikowo FHD 25p, mp4 lub mov.

Materiał z dnia ślubu przeważnie od przygotowań do oczepin (łącznie 3,5-4,5 materiału).

Pliki mp4 4k, 25 profil HLG.

Proszę o cenę lub widełki cenowe ( jakich parametrów dotyczą).

Interesuje mnie dłuższa współpraca.

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