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    WUDOKA.COM 2 deals
    Hi I'm looking for a person to set up two sections on my Elementor-based site. The problem is the final effect I want to achieve: the section has to contain two columns - the edge of the first column has to be equal to the padding of the whole page and the second column has to contain an image and has to end at the edge of the page. As in the screenshot - the red lines are the padding set top-down. The text column is to be vertically aligned. The first section is the layout TEXT | IMAGE and the second section is the mirror image - IMAGE | TEXT. On the mobile version, the image is to be under the text.
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    Arkadiusz Psurski
    Hi. I am looking for a person who will prepare a website on Wordpress according to the planned prototype. IMPORTANT: the domain and all other things are already purchased. The website will consist of: - homepage - services - "about me" - contact - contact form (this can be done in the form of onepager) + blog Please give me a quote with reference to this ad.
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    website - film color correction studio
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we will commission a website for a post production and color correction film studio. The site in dark colors. with golden elements. Elegant and modern. Showing professionalism and collaborators around the world.
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    I will commission a site with social ads.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Home page, sub-pages, adding ads, user registration, payment in virtual currency such as coins. I am interested in simplicity and readability nothing special. Please specify in the message the approximate cost of execution of the order.
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    Creating a website similar to this one -
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    Profit Partner
    I will commission the preparation of a copyright template for WordPress. Agreement to transfer all copyrights. The template will be resold on stock and sold individually. After the implementation of the order, the possibility of cooperation on the creation of a series of themes. The template must install automatically and be easily editable in elementor pro. The template should also support WooCommerce store.
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    I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation, who on the basis of graphic design using Elementor builder on the basis of any free template (e.g. Hello elementor) will make a One Page / Landing Page type site using CMS Wordpress. Child-theme functionality, rwd, slider, gallery with filtering, contact form, Google maps. Please bid only people with experience and present a portfolio. We are very interested in establishing permanent cooperation
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    Completing work on the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    The subject of the order is the final work in the area of Front End and Back End of the website made at another developer Bling. The developer, for unexplained reasons, stopped implementing the sites and does not have support to complete the work The website in a draft version is located on Bling's server: Long story short is that we made an attempt to complete the work with freelancers and managed to implement front end fixes but the php developer failed to complete the work in code due to a problem with the project firing (Bling's custom solution) Therefore, we are looking for a professional company that will be able to sit down and check before the quote the possibility of working on the repository received or propose alternative solutions. Due to the custom framework and problems, we are not able to determine the budget of the order on our side. We ask for proposals from companies after checking the possibility of undertaking the task. Front End: We have a Brief of changes to be made. Back End. Before defining the problem in the firing area of the project, the remaining work was defined as: consultation and server selection uploading files from bling (api, admin, database) customization of settings in the API to connect to the database customization of the token to connect the site to the API debugging and fixing errors on the API side preventing the site from running perhaps some fixes on the launch of the admin panel The company willing to carry out the order will be sent a brief of changes in the front end area and the project repository for pricing in order to assess the possibility of opening the project and further work
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    Marek Koniczynski
    Commissioning a website Without a store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, We will outsource the construction of a website in a similar design to All content will have to be reproduced in English, which is already present on the site, we ignore the Polish translations will be 100% English-language site with all the products and information present there, the site must be compatible with WooCommerce although the store will be created ourselves.
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    Dominik 4 deals
    Need help with uploading a backup site. I have tried, myself and the site only works "half way" Namely the home page is there but the bookmarks are with a 404 error.
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