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    Pemicont 3 deals
    Preparation of 3D product graphics.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a graphic designer to prepare 3D designs for us showing our products = mattresses for children and adults. I am sending sample photos in the attachment. I ask for a quote "per photo" = for preparing one graphic. First prepare some basic products (up to 20 photos)
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    strama 2 deals
    For rendering furniture solids. In the step file developed solids - you only need to impose color and, if necessary, sometimes add fittings, which we send if necessary. Lumps in specific specified shots. I ask for a price for 1 render. Or the price for 3 shots of one developed solid.
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    Dominik 14 deals
    We are interested in working only with specialists in this field. For those on the initial career path, we thank you for now. I will commission a redesign of an existing logotype to create a logotype for an online pharmacy. This logotype must stylistically relate to the existing and used logotype of stationary pharmacies. The goal is to create a consistent brand visualization. Note: We require an unlimited number of revisions. We want the effect achieved to be fully satisfactory. We do not want to allow a situation when the created logo will go into oblivion due to the lack of opportunities for further alterations and improvements.
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    Simple design of a couch, I have about 15 photos of the object, I want to be able to add it to the site, make it mobile, be able to rotate etc.. In case of a successful order, the possibility of further cooperation for 3 more online stores.
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    decolovers 4 deals
    Render caption in 3d room.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, looking for a person to create 3d forms/writings. The lettering must look natural. I send the front of the inscription, style, font and the person interested in cooperation will add the texture of the inscription, make a 3d model to insert into the room. We will insert all inscriptions in the same background(room). I am interested in permanent cooperation. Please ask for the price of a single project.
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    Profit Partner 4 deals
    Parcel Post Project.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Modular parcel machine project. Control panel + modules with drawers. Each column with cabinets separately, similar to the case below only here we have an example of a double column Switchboard with a touch screen monitor and a monitor for displaying ads on top of the unit. Modules containing cabinets for standard shipments Dimension A (maximum dimensions 64×38×8 cm) 10 pieces per column 1 Oversize B (maximum dimensions 64×38×19 cm) 5 pieces per column 2 dimension C (maximum dimensions 64×38×41 cm) at the bottom of the device 1 piece each column dimension D (maximum dimensions 64×38×82 cm) at the very top of the unit each column and letter drawers with dimensions of 64×38×4 cm center Height of the unit up to 3 meters high including feet and roof. At the bottom of the unit, space for placing concrete load for 35cm by 35cm by 5cm slabs The project is for construction, not electronics.
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    Profit Partner 4 deals
    The subject of the order is to make a drawing and a 3D model of an advertising totem, which will allow the installation of two televisions (on one and the other side of the totem). Under the monitors, space should be designed for flyers and business cards. The totem should also include space for a phone charging panel and cable outlets. The screens should be protected by transparent plexiglass facing the unit. The TV screen designed in a horizontal position. In the lower part of the totem, space should be designed for 2 Dell Optiplex desktops in such a way that the computer placed in the lower part of the totem can be pulled out of the entire enclosure like a drawer (doors with a lock on both sides of the device). The design should be prepared so that it can be divided into layers for laser cutting. The frame of the device made of steel profiles, the outer casing easy to install to the frame made of galvanized sheet metal. Plexiglass screen protection.
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    We are looking for a person to make illustrations in an isometric style corresponding to the style of our website: It will be about 10 illustrations depicting in sequence: a room with furniture, a computer that displays a 3d model of e.g. a window on the screen, a cross-section of the room showing building materials, a man who enters the room in VR, and a couple more graphics of this type. Deadline until 30.03.
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    pravna 20 deals
    Graphic wall sections in 3D + animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    2 graphic wall cross-sections in 3D + 2 videos/animations (showing how the different elements come together to form a wall cross-section) I Cross-section Elevation Wood / Sheet Metal From the outside 1) spruce plank facade / trapezoidal sheet metal 2) installation grid for the facade (vertical battens) 3) windproofing membrane 4) 50 mm wool 5) sheathing board 6) house structure filled with 150 mm wool 7) vapor barrier membrane 8) installation grate 9) interior sheathing board II Cross-section facade silicone plaster exterior side 1) façade silicone plaster plastering adhesive with mesh 2) facade wool 50mm 3) windproofing membrane 4) sheathing board 5) house structure filled with 150mm wool 6) vapor barrier membrane 7) installation grate 8) inner sheathing board
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    Paul M
    I am just looking for an experienced person who does 3D graphics and will accurately transfer me some clothes from 2D to 3D. It is very important for me to transfer these clothes 1:1 ie taking into account all the given dimensions, it is a must-have! In case everything is done well I am interested in longer cooperation. The clothes I want to transfer are: -2 sweatshirts, similar to those from the link -2 T-shirts, similar to those from the link -1 dress is 5 items similar to those from the link I will send all the exact pictures with technical documentation before the cooperation starts The file formats it supports are *.fbx *.dae *.obj *.lxo *.mc *.pc2 *.mdd *.abc *.dxf *.aam *.dxf In case of bidding, please divide the rate into the rate for 1 element as well as for the whole.
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Poszukuje grafika który stworzy mi graficzny wzór szklanego lampionu bądź osoby która zrobi taki szkic.

W załączniku dodaje przykładowe zdjęcie jak ma wyglądać ta grafika.

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