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    crecic 20 deals
    I will urgently order two orders: - order 1 - you need to insert the script "dataLayer" on the site based on WP in about 15 places on the site / after a click, at the emission of a given subpage, after a click, etc. - assignment 2 - check why the site based on the Laravel framework stopped sending emails after filling out the form + fixing a possible error the order is super urgent execution necessarily on Thursday 30.03.2023
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    Matma bez spiny 11 deals
    Making changes to the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! I'm Patricia and I teach math without the spin. I'm looking for a person who will undertake some changes to my website - I'm talking about adapting the site to the new offer. The site is set up on wordpress. The changes will be mainly in the offer tab :)
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    matt08 80 deals
    One-page HTML+CSS
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission to make in HTML/CSS front-end of the site for checking IP address - one subpage. Appearance in the style of or in pure semantic HTML+CSS or using Tailwind CSS.
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    The literal transfer of 6 sites (in the future if the person works out more) in individual graphic templates written by our programmer from one ( hosting to another ( creation. The work has to start from scratch = server is new, clean, freshly purchased, construction of infrastructure on the lh side, database, and finally migration to a newly created server pages and domains from to Please send me your portfolio.
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    PanelOnline 5 deals
    Commissioning a website for a company engaged in washing and restoration of roof, facades, paving stones. The site should contain 5-6 sub-pages. ( Home page, Roofs, Elevation, paving stones, price calculator, realizations, contact). The names of each sub-page will be determined during the implementation of the site. Tab " Home page, roofs, elevations, paving stones) will contain photos and descriptions of services. The Contact tab should contain a simple contact form and underneath full details of the company. Accomplishments tab - will contain photographs and videos of completed work. Price calculator tab - this will probably be the most extensive tab. You need to create a calculator on which the customer can enter parameters and the calculator will calculate the value of performing the service. From the administration panel, I should be able to change prices for a specific service. As well as the ability to add or remove specific services. From the client's side, the calculator should resemble more or less something like in the attached picture. ... and more to be discussed later
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    Creation of a creditworthiness calculator from scratch + implementation on the site or use of a ready-made plugin that will enable the use of a creditworthiness calculator on the site.
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    Website for real estate broker
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website for a real estate development company, with a photo gallery of residential projects (10 photos), a contact form and 3/4 tabs (Home, About Us, Gallery, Contact). I do not have graphic design or domain name.
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    I will commission a simple website (code+layout) with a purchase configurator, can be based on a customized template, focused on selling services. The site should include: - description of the company/team - USP/attributes of the services offered - a preview of the calendar for booking a service (Google calendar) - a shopping button REGISTER NOW - button leading to the configurator COMPOSE YOUR PACKAGE. Optimized for desktop and mobile. I will provide the images and color scheme, while the layout is left to the Contractor. Please send me bids with an estimate and estimated time of completion.
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    Creation of a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    * - an active rectangle, after entering this element with the mouse, the logo changes to a short description of what the department deals with and after clicking the entrance to a particular area ** - switches to the contact form *. - store with digital products, as simple as possible (I am open to suggestions) )( - a blog where at the top there is a category to choose from and a search engine, below the articles with a trailer, after clicking on the article go to the entire article with individual subpages, the tabs in the menu can be different Please specify the time, technology and approximate price
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    I am looking for a web contractor in Word Press who will create a simple directory of companies in one industry (about 100 records to start with) with the ability to expand and add more. I would like to be able to create a ranking from among the companies in the directory. I. The site is to consist of the following subpages: 1.About us 2.Directory 3.Ranking 4.Blog 5.Contact. II. Description of the elements - Examples of pages on the design (links) will provide the contractor, - Photos to buy (stock ones e.g. 123rf) about 10 -20 pieces - to be bought by the contractor - please include in the quote, - Project logo ( in vectors) and color scheme I will provide to the contractor, - The database of companies to start (name, address, tel, www, E-mail, a few-sentence description) I will provide in a ready-made xls file form, - Domain purchased - delegated to the target server, - Own server - I provide the contractor to install WP, plugins and configuration, - Directory should be based on a simple solution-ready script, more to be discussed later.
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Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:

2000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
slicing html
slicing psd
Valid until:

Job description

Cześć, startujemy z nową stroną dla produktu Hatiroo ( Oprogramowanie dotyczy obiegu dokumentów w biznesie. Operujemy w biznesowym - poważnym stylu, ale stawiamy na prostotę i nowoczesność.

Nasze potrzeby:

- Strona www z możliwością prostej aktualizacji zawartości,

- RWD - wysoka skalowalność na urządzeniach mobilnych,

- Możliwość prostego dodawania landing-page, na które będą kierować reklamy sponsorowane,

- Możliwość śledzenia źródła przekierowania z reklam na landing-page (AdWords, Bing),

- Możliwość publikacji artykułów branżowych (długich treści z infografikami, np. blog), które będą odpowiednio pozycjonowane dzięki SEO,

- Wsparcie przy wyborze zdjęć ze stocka, ikonek, grafik opisujących moduły.

Aby zacząć współpracę:

- Podeślij proszę link do swojego portfolio

- Szukamy osoby, która dotrzymuje uzgodnionych terminów i może zagwarantować rozsądną dostępność (max. 2-5 dni),

- Zdecydowanie łatwiej będzie wybrać akurat Ciebie, jeżeli zaproponujesz jakiś ciekawy layout Wordpress w rozsądnej cenie :)

Template / individual design:

Wordpress - mamy na własnym serwerze a także na - prosimy o rekomendację

Required functions:

RWD, SEO, Strona produktowa, Możliwość śledzenia skąd dotarł do nas użytkownik, np. z reklam Ad words.