Setting up a system for candidates to create accounts and scraping

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    SomethingGreenOnline 87 deals
    I need help fixing 2 short tests. One is to click on a specific radio button in radiogroup (yes, no), but for some reason it doesn't work. It should be clicked on fireclick, but then checked is on "False". The other problem is that it would like the comments in the tests to work, but they don't. I am looking for help
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    arturpp 1 deal
    Need to create a communication service with the new Amazon API, a sending service that creates/updates products in Amazon based on XML/CSV Please contact only people who have already written communication with the new Amazon API.
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    Access, MySql, Visual Basic
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for an access, mysql, visual basic specialist to do the job, I will give more information privately and send materials.
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    Reverse engineering, binary file editing.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the replacement of the ssl certificate in the driver software, I have the file from which the driver pulls the update. I do not have any information about the architecture of the file or the processor in the driver. The file is most likely some compiled form of the program, it does not contain a bootloader. \ The section containing the certificate to be replaced I can point to, and I can also provide the undeformed certificate key that is located there. After editing the file, the driver should be able to load it like a standard update.
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    Dopasowana 6 deals
    I have 3 files: sales, inventory, deliveries on the way I need to prepare a tool to help analyze stocking, sales and inventory planning. So far I have been doing this manually in pivot tables etc. Now I want to create a report in which I just swap data files.
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    Upton 2 deals
    Our expectations: - You know HTML and CSS (SCSS welcome) - You know JavaScript and are following its development - Experience in React is welcome - Knowledge of NodeJS environment is welcome - Working with GIT is welcome What you will be doing with us. - Build SPA applications using React library to generate web and print pages. Please provide a quote a quote for 40h of work
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    Project - Microshell - requirements specification Task specification The assignment is to use the C language to write a simple shell program that runs under Linux - Microshell. The project is mandatory for all students and must be passed. This program should take commands as input and then perform actions according to their contents. The shell should: Mandatory Points Description 2 points. ✓ display a prompt of the form [{path}] $, where {path} is the path to the current working directory; 2 pts. ✓ handle the cd command, which works similarly to the cd we know from the bash shell; 2 pts. ✓ handle the exit command, which terminates the shell program; 2 pts. ✓ operate the help command, displaying information on the screen about the author of the program and the functionality it offers; 6 pts. ✓ accept commands that refer by name to programs located in directories described by the value of the PATH environment variable, and allow these scripts and programs to be called with arguments (read: fork() + exec*()); 4 pts ✓ output an error message when it is impossible to interpret the command correctly;
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    Performance of 2 tasks, details in the attached pdf.
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    Java Developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need a Java Developer for one of our projects in the following stackup: - Java & Spring - PostgreSQL - DDD, CQRS, Microservices - Angular (nice to have) AWS based infrastructure Demand for about 35-40h per week, 5000h total.
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

Hello, I need for a site based on WP + Elementor:

1. Add a system for candidates / employees to create accounts.

a. Ability to complete the profile with several fields, such as experience, attaching resume, etc.

b. Ability for candidates to indicate whether they are free now or until when they are currently working and since when they are looking for a job.

2. Add a system for employers to create accounts.

a. Completing the profile with data such as office location, etc. (for now without the ability for employers to add jobs - they should only be able to create an account and view candidates).

b. Creation of a Candidates sub-page on which employers will be able to sort and view available candidates.

3. On the Job Opportunities sub-page, do scraping (I think that's what it's called) of job offers from the website of a friendly company.

Later, the opportunity to work on expanding the project. I am looking for someone for permanent and long-term cooperation.

Required functions: