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    Website for a car sales company
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will outsource the invitation and development of a website for a used car trading company. We need a modern, responsive site with the ability to add new and used car sales listings.
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    jozefb 8 deals
    We are a DD GROUP company and we are looking for an experienced programmer or agency to help us develop a web application integrated with our WordPress-based website. The application will be based on data from our Excel sheet and allow users to view, edit and manage this data online. **Link to download the Excel sheet**: **Required Skills**: - Experience developing web applications and WordPress-based sites. - Knowledge of integrating data from an Excel spreadsheet into web applications. - Ability to create responsive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. **Scope of work**: - Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet into a web application. - Creating a user interface to view and edit data. - Integrating the application with our WordPress website. - Testing and ensuring the reliability of the application. **Date of completion**: Please indicate an approximate date by which the application should be ready. **Budget**: Please provide an approximate budget or expected price range. **Contact**: Please send us your portfolio.
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    Law firm website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a website contractor for a data protection law firm. The site is to consist of sections: offer, about me, contact.
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    GigB 20 deals
    We are looking for someone to deal with the setup of Google Adwords/Analytics for our website. We can either work with injecting code or use Google tag manager which is a codeless and preferable way. We have 2 domains (A, B) from which we need to track conversions. We have a scenario that requires tracking movement between these 2 domains. If a user clicks on one link (A) that is being tracked and then that same user goes to the second website (B) by using another link and then performs a certain action (ie. goes to some preselected url) we want to track that 'conversion'. Our final goal is to have everything setup properly with the analytics tool. If you have any questions ask away :)
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    Creation of a landingpage
    300.00 PLN
    I will commission to make a site in Wordpress (landingpage ) with the possibility of newsteller and payment . I am in the Beauty industry and on my wordpress I would like to post recordings ie online course . Also with the ability to view the site on your phone ie mobile version
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    ŁukaszWalljee 15 deals
    Hosting/Domain SSl Certification
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey I am looking for a comprehensive quote for hosting / SSL certificate for my website It seems to me that the price proposed by the company serving me is definitely exorbitant. Hosting 999 PLN net Domain 180 PLN Certificate 200. I am looking for an alternative.
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    Este Group 4 deals
    Website on WP using Elementor
    Proposed by freelancer
    Commission a professional cosmetic brand website using Elementor PRO
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    My Wspieramy
    We are looking for a specialist to export the blog from! A few years ago we created a site based on DIVI theme. Now we need an expert to help us transfer our blog to a temporary site. Important: we want to transfer only the blog, without the other pages. Key information: a) The blog is created using Gutenberg blocks. b) The target theme on the temporary site is Kadence. Export expectations: a) Transfer of content including headers, with HTML tags preserved. b) Export all media: images and videos. c) Preservation of original URLs. d) Exporting SEO titles and SEO descriptions. Note: The standard WordPress tools and various export plugins did not meet our expectations. Therefore, we are looking for someone who has experience in accurately transferring blog content.
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    Hi. I am looking for somebody to create an extension to Google Chrome or create a standalone program to download eBay webpages with high-quality pictures related to the item listed, download it to the local drive. EBay URLs are listed in the Excel sheet - they can be manually copied to the created program. The program must be able to download in bulk. I do not want to download pages one by one. At this moment I am opening every link, manually CTRL-S, sive on my drive, and manually opening and saving every picture. I would like to have it automated. I need simple solution.
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    As in the title, I will commission the creation of a site on the basis of the existing one. The order is comprehensive, but I would like to spread in stages due to the extensive functionality. Current site: 1. integration of the site with strapi. 2. creation of a user panel/dashboard with: -registration/logging in with strapi -adding ads by companies/agencies (which will be registered), integration with strapi -creation of adding premium offers (integration with stripe) I will send a file with the project. Implementation time up to two weeks after acceptance of terms. Polish language required for communication. Budget to be agreed, please make a proposal.
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Web pages
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Job description

I am looking for a person who will undertake an assignment in improving responsiveness of a website + minor flaws on a website. The page was made in wordpress - elementor. The site is not completely unresponsive to devices, but still needs to be improved to display the site correctly on desktop and mobile devices.

number of homepages: 1

number of subpages: 17

total 18

The amount of the order cannot exceed the amount of making a new website. Moreover, the order does not include an hourly rate, but the whole order. Moreover, the whole order includes the whole order, not an element or a subpage.

Preferable solution

wordpress - elementor

Required features

RWD desktop + mobile + correcting minor flaws on the website.