Remote sharing and control of separate window in 1:1 state through LAN

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Hi. I wish to buy small software allowing me to share windows in 1:1 state and controll them through LAN (or internet if not a problem) on Windows 7 or 10. How it works in details :

1. i install server app on remote pc and client app on client pc (working in background to not take too much resources) may work with auto launch with system startup. It can be portable app on server side if not to complicated.

2. i connect to server app using its IP + password

3. i get all visible windows on my server computer in 1:1 state and i can full control them using mouse or keyboard or any script.


c c#c++javajavascript.NETVB.netvisual basic

Required functions:

remote sharing and control of each window in windows os

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Paweł Stachurski
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Wojciech P.
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