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    Damian Klemann
    Hi! I am looking for a creative editor to help produce engaging short form videos for platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Expectations: 👉 Experience in video editing, especially short forms. 👉 Knowledge of trends and specifics of the platforms: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels. 👉 Ability to work with different formats and qualities of video material. 👉 Creativity and innovation in approach to editing. 👉 Punctuality and responsibility for assigned tasks. If you're the kind of person who can stand out in a crowd and wants to create content that grabs the attention of viewers, we're waiting for your offer! *We reserve the right to respond only to selected offers.
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    cra.creatives 2 deals
    Reels for medical apparel brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, We are looking for content creators to create creative reels with interesting transitions for a medical apparel store. Requirements: - video maximum 20-30 seconds - your image visible on the video - creative transitions, interesting editing - video created in current trends - transfer of copyrights - video creation according to predetermined guidelines A portfolio is required, preferably if you have experience shooting reels for the fashion industry.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, We are looking for an editor with a creative soul who can turn short videos into pure magic. Our main goal is to create videos according to our ideas, but we are open to suggestions and ideas from a passionate person like you 😊. Of course, it's also important for us to perfect sound and video, keep up with the latest trends and boldly experiment with new concepts. It's worth mentioning that we operate in the cosmetics industry, so knowledge of this area will be a great asset to us. If you feel like joining our team, let us know! Greetings,
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    Smart Class
    Creating a video ad on FB/Insta/Tiktok
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I'm looking for a person who offers to design and edit an advertising clip on FB/Insta/TikTok. Clothing industry. I have clips of individual models, but they need to be properly combined, add subtitles, sound, etc. Material in this style:
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    Creation of youtube material
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will take care of creating YouTube videos under a ready-made script read by a voiceover artist
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    Denis Magryta
    VOD processing from streaming
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey! I am looking for someone to process material from TTV's VODs - average length of material 3h Ultimately, I would like all the pause elements that contribute absolutely nothing, those less entertaining, etc. to be removed. I assume that from such a VOD will be able to extract a maximum of 20-30minutes after processing. Any kind of insertions with memes, transitions, etc. welcome - the more you manage to stimulate the audience the better^^. Please send a price proposal, and if you need sample material, feel free to contact me - I will send a link :)
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    Video editing
    Proposed by freelancer
    6 minute video make this ''funny moments'' about a minute long video text, sound modulations, simple special effects to emphasize the humorousness
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    Katarzyna Sanner
    Become a Video Creator for online stores!
    Proposed by freelancer
    Become a Video Creator for online stores! How? It's very simple! You record yourself with your phone in your home, show the product in use and focus on its strengths. We care about an effective, energetic message! In the link below you can see what kind of recordings we are after: If you are looking for an extra job, are not reluctant to record yourself, understand what UGC is all about and know how to edit short videos - submit your portfolio in the offer and apply to us!
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    Agata Bijak-Orłowska 2 deals
    Educational video editor
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an editor for educational videos. I usually have footage either about 20 minutes long or about an hour long. I need an editor who will not only make efficient cuts, process the audio and color the video nicely, but also make animations sometimes, add music, edit with b-roll (some videos are typically under YT). I shoot video in 4K, provide audio in Wav, it is recorded on good equipment. I ask for two approximate rates: 1) for video 1.5 h of raw material (probably about 1:15 min will come out ready), just cutting, coloring, embracing audio, export (typical "talking head" type video) 2) for video 30 minutes of raw material (probably about 20 min will come out ready) with cutting, coloring, embracing audio, adding music in appropriate places, simple animations (subtitle type, icons, so typical educational material on YT). My inspiration for how I would like it to look one day is Ali Abdaal's channel. Of course, I realize that this is a high level, but this is the direction I would like to go in the future :)
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    Looking for an Editor - League of Legends
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, MAKE IT is looking for an experienced editor to edit an online course on League of Legends. We are interested only in an active player of this game, as there is a lot of meritory about the macro game in the course. This is a larger order for 1/2 months of work . We are also interested in long-term cooperation. Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours. Requirements: - knowledge of the game - basic 2D animation
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promotional video
video editing
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Job description

Hej, poszukuję osobę do składania reklam na Fb i LiN, a także wideo instruktażowych.

Filmy 1-5min - do zaprojektowania intro i outro, dynamiczne napisy, transkrypcja na wideo, pojawiające się różne elementy podkreślające to o czym mówi lektor.

Aktualna reklama na Fb i Lin - składa się z:

- intro - 5s plansza pojawienie się logo - ładna animacja logo + wyjazd logo na jego miejsce pojawia się napis tytułowy,

- nagranych mamy 8 wideo z wypowiedziami klientów (w nie za dobrej jakości) - z tych wideo wg scenariusza należy wyciąć odpowiednie fragmenty (w tych fragmentach też trzeba będzie skrócić przerwy) oraz złożyć je w jednej sekwencji - przejścia pomiędzy wypowiedziami też powinny zostać zaprojektowane.

- końcowa plansza ok 15s - do wdrożenia animacja ilustracji - 2 osoby siedzące przy biurku, jedna zła (dookoła głowy jakieś elemtny złości typu błyskawice) druga wyluzowana (dookoła głowy ptaszki chmurki) oraz lektor

- outro - animacja odliczania 10s wraz z cta który ma wibrować.

Do wdrożenia też podkład muzyczny wraz z masteringiem dźwięku.

Zależy mi na osobie, która jest w stanie narysować STB (nie zawsze potrzeba), następnie złożyć film, zanimować elementy (ładne, atrakcyjne, delikatne animacje) oraz podłożyć dźwięk ew. go lekko zmasterować (pogłos, szumy).

Proszę o oferty tylko osoby z min 5 dobrymi realizacjami tego typu, osób uczących się, z brakiem podobnych nie będę brał pod uwagę.


Type and length:

wideo ok 1,5min