Prowadzenie linkedin - marka osobista

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Seo and social media
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Preferable skills:
online lessons
pre-sell text
search optimization
social media
text editing
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Job description


Szukam osoby do prowadzenia profilu na linkedin, jako markę osobistą.

Moja główna tematyka/zainteresowania:

- logistyka

- nowe technologie

- ciekawostki ze świata biznesu/motywacje

Co o mnie, chciałbym zaciekawić odbiorcę swoim profilem oraz udostępnianymi publikacjami. Ukończyłem logistykę ze specjalizacja logistyka międzynarodowa, oraz kończę studia podyplomowe na kierunku psychologia w biznesie, na codzień, pracuje w firmie technologicznej, gdzie jestem team leaderem.

Miło, gdyby osoba chcąca podjąć współpracę, miała lub była w stanie określić plan działania na dany miesiąc, a przede wszystkim, aby była osobą kreatywną.

Proszę o propozycje w wiadomości lub do opisu w zleceniu.

Pozdrawiam :)

Subject matter/industry:

Logistyka, nowe technologie, ciekawostki biznesowe/motywacje, ciekawe miejsca na świecie

Type and number of texts:

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    Freelancer SEO with Ukrainian language
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for the help of an SEO freelancer with Ukrainian language to implement SEO changes in an e-commerce store. Scope of work: - optimization of title, description, headings, - help with content guidelines for copywriters, - other. The commissioned site is an e-commerce store where we are implementing a new language version (Ukrainian).
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    Klaudia K
    I will outsource the creation of a Facebook pixel and plug it into the blog and online store, and help set up advertising on FB in the Ad Manager. Possibly implementing a conversion API. I have 3 e-books to sell in the store for learning Italian.
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    Patryk Piątkowski
    Hello I am looking for an open-minded, committed and conscientious person for customer acquisition - conducting social media of small and medium-sized enterprises including medical facilities in Poland. What we do. We prioritize helping businesses with online marketing activities. We help develop the company's online presence, reach customers through social media and create a platform to communicate with potential audiences. - We comprehensively manage and develop social media - we create graphic content - we create content and copywriting - moderation - advertising campaigns - marketing consulting -design of websites and online stores -design of advertising materials and graphic content - logos, business cards, flyers, banners The person should have experience in a similar position, as this is a client-facing job. Work fully remote, attractive salary preferably student. Possibility of permanent cooperation! I will provide more detailed information privately.
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    P&E 10 deals
    I will outsource the optimization of an existing AdWords account. Optimization of current campaigns + adding new keywords. I assume that such optimization would last for a period of about 3 months Related to the website:
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    Skilltom Sp. z o.o.
    Google Search Ads campaign audit
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order an audit of the Google Search Ads campaign. The PC campaign was effective for a long time and achieved results last year, but the number of leads has dropped sharply in recent months (due to fewer impressions and hits). We would like to seek additional opinions on whether it can be brought to a higher level. For this reason, I am considering hiring an experienced person who can perhaps recommend issues that I may be overlooking. The second campaign (photovoltaic) as of today has not gained effectiveness - reasons like i.e. low number of impressions despite (the budget and CPA are unlikely to have an impact). Announcement only for experienced people in Google Ads. All the basic stuff or filling in audit tables that can be downloaded from the Internet has instead already been done here. RES industry - highly competitive in Google. In addition to this service, we are also considering partnering with specialists to prepare and run similar client campaigns.
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    Hi, the order is for the GERMAN market only. I am looking for a person to promote my website, FP on facebook, texts on forums, google business card, fb groups, industry portals. The main task is to increase brand recognition, increase the group of customers. Construction industry German market. Details to be discussed, please ask for offers from people experienced in the German market.
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    Google ADS Campaign
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the creation of a google ADS campaign for the website The scope of work includes the creation of an advertising campaign (text, product and remarketing). Analyzing and adjusting the content to what has the best conversion at the moment. Assistance with the installation of tracking codes, if needed.
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    I have a blocked account that hosts a company website. I can't transfer rights to this site and connect external accounts. I don't know where the lock came from and how to remove it. I need help in removing it.
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    Regular rating of apps in the store
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    I will accept offers to regularly add ratings in Appstor and Google Play for an app originating in the US. Required daily quantity of about 30 ratings. The ratings must come from the US territory.
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    Zabezpiecz Auto 1 deal
    Running a campaign on TikTok
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    I am looking for a freelancer who has experience in running campaigns on TikTok. Maarketing agencies are not interested in me. Only people with experience