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I am looking for a contractor for a project related to Baselinker API and German marketplaces such as Ebay and Kaufland. I already have a ready-made project for a Polish marketplace, on which it will be possible to model.

The project is about automating the process of listing on Ebay and Kaufland through Baselinker. The elements I am most interested in are:

- Getting suggestions of name, category, parameters based on EAN code from marketplace

- Retrieving suggestions for descriptions and photos from the marketplace based on the EAN code

- Updating the above mentioned in the Baselinker display panel (automatic or manual)

- Automatic filling in of missing and obligatory parameters in the "select" fields with the values "other", "no information", "other" etc. In English or German.

- Extended possibilities of choosing the update of individual elements of the downloaded suggestion

- Parameter mapping, i.e. replacing selected parameters with your own text

- Name processing, i.e. replacing selected phrases with your own text

- Possibility of exporting settings to a file

The whole project is to be an "overlay" to the BL listing panel. I attach a few screenshots of how it looks in our project under the Polish marketplace. (if there will be such an option here)

I ask for quotes for Ebay, Kaufland, Amazon.

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