Product page about 10/20 pieces of equipment with the possibility of sale and rental of equipment.

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I will order a website to be created on an existing WordPress template with medical devices and body shaping devices. Probably a dozen devices. The website is to be able to book a device with a calendar and a device rental price list for one or several days. In addition, we would like to have a form under each of the devices asking for the possibility of sending a request for the purchase of the device.

The website is to be on our current server, with the possibility of managing it from the WordPress panel on our account. We have a lot of photos and graphics, but most of them will have to be graphically processed and prepared for the website.

Please send me your price suggestions and order execution time.

Apart from formal errors, the basis for determining the date of completion of the order will be the performance test of the Page Speed Insights website by the Ordering Party.

Preferable solution

only WordPress, template accepted.

Required features

New page: 1. Will be consistent with the assumptions of the W3C consortium 2. Will be prepared and optimized for positioning in accordance with the standards SEO 3. Performance according to Page Speed Insights will not be lower than 95 points - according to Google, devoid of the errors indicated (all in green) 4. It will be displayed correctly on all web browsers without depending on the type of device (desktop, tablet, or mobile device) 5. It will contain all the subpages, links, links present on the website, documents, photos, texts, graphics, all current values prepared under Google search engine 6. The WordPress template will be managed in such a way that you can freely regulate the price list, the rental time of the device, change and add descriptions, add new devices to the list. 7. The posted graphics and photos will be optimized to a minimum, without loss of quality. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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