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    Jakub Siudyła 1 deal
    I am looking for a graphic designer who will prepare a new presentation based on the presentation content previously prepared in PP, with an aesthetic layout based on the corporate identity of the organization. The presentation will have a final of about 50 slides. I will first ask you to prepare a proposal with 3-4 slides to accept the overall design. After approval, the remaining slides will be prepared. The templates for the individual slides may be repeated, but I would like there to be about 8-12 unique layouts. The presentation should be prepared in PP so that free editing is possible. Translated with (free version)
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    Logo for a toy brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in commissioning a logo with a symbol for a premium toy brand. Logo with brand name and symbol (animal sign). I need the logo in color and also a black and white version of it, as well as the basic use of the logo on different backgrounds and in different sizes.
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    SOLTRA S.A. 14 deals
    Making 6 pcs of labels for supplement jars.
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    I am looking for a person who will make by 31.03. the company's catalog for the fair in which I would like to have information about the company, photos of the implementation of the work, product catalog. I have preliminary materials prepared how it should +/- look like, but I am open to suggestions :) I would also like to add that this is the technical industry
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    Promotional banners for the web
    Proposed by freelancer
    Commissioning Banners : 750 x 200 750 x 100 300 x 250 728 x 90 160 x 600
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    Logo, name
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to help me with the visual identity of a medycny aesthetic clinic- name, logo, etc.
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    Hi We want to publish a guide for consumer bankruptcy. We have a whole batch (10 pages of text) and we want to make it something that is visually appealing and fun to read. As for the requirements, it doesn't have to be something extremely complicated. What I care about is a quick implementation. I envision it as a visually pleasing cover, and inside an attractively laid out text, table of contents, and a few places I'd like it to stand out - like a button to encourage people to contact us. Work based on our text + Mark Book. I am interested in: - examples of implementation so that I can get an idea of your taste, - information on how long you need to complete such an order, - how much it will cost from A to Z.
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    Byrdowski 1 deal
    We are looking for a person to support our team from the design side dealing primarily with: - social media ninja, - designing flyers, catalogs and other items for print, - advertising products, - UI/UX pages - support for senior UI/UX, - design of clothing and gadgets. We are looking for a person who will primarily support our team during the day. There is enough work that you can comfortably work only with us, of course we are not closed to people who have vision, talent and want to spend up to 3-4h a day with us in addition to 8-10h. More information on priv. Good luck!
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    Greg 2 deals
    Image processing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Image processing for flyers, catalogs and on the web. knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom Hourly billing. Please provide hourly rates. Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Biuro-SKI 14 deals
    Streamline visual identity
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the visual identity in a group of companies. We have 4 logos (group + 3 brands), 2 sign books We want to do: - a sign book for the group of companies - consistent email footer - consistent advertising materials - modification of logos - business card design - letterhead / design of company documents (fonts, layout, etc.) In your offer, please include a portfolio and a previously executed sign book. Possible permanent cooperation in the implementation of the new identity.
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Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
adobe illustrator
adobe photoshop
corporate identity
vector graphics
Valid until:

Job description

Good day.

I will commission a catalog along with a page template for product presentation. Home-decor industry. This will be the main showcase of our store, so the aesthetics of execution plays an important role. Below is a list of all 10 pages to be included in the catalog.

1. title page (cover)

2. product description with photos of material structures

3. some additional information, may be in the form of icons

- Organic materials

- Size matching

- Matching of colors

- Visualization before purchase

- Quick contact with service

4 Ordering process on the website.

5. possibility to make products from your own photo

6. at the very end of the information with photos, what products we also make. Also we have photos.

7. product template. I would like three. In the first standard product photo + identification number. Second photo + space for visualization(horizontal) + identification number. The third product photo + several color versions + identification number.

8th The last page is photos of our building with contact information and an invitation to visit.

I would like to receive the catalog in the form of PDF and working files.

All necessary graphics or visualizations will be provided. Preferred horizontal format A3.

Type and number of projects:

catalog containing 7 descriptive pages + 3 versions of product template