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    Niebieski Ogień
    Setting up an online store
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order to put up an internet store, on shopgold software.
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    Online store
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of an online store. Store on WordPress using WooCommerce. The offer is to configure the store on the provided basic WordPres. Installing the selected template, customizing the appearance, installing the necessary plugins, plugging in payments. I ask for price offers and a deadline for completion
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    Woocommerce store maintenance
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to service a small store set up on the basis of elementor updates, possible changes as needed (appearance or, for example, uploading a new plug-in) or when something "crashes". Store for a dozen or so products
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    Artur Ilin
    Creating a concept for a landing page (landing page) and an online store. The landing page is to inform about the new product and present its advantages. It should induce customers to go to the store. Responsive version + mobile version. NOTE: Only the creation of a design concept and research of the target audience is required. No programming is required. Thank you. Online store: - Landing page - Home page of the store - Contact (messenger, email, phone number) - About us (brief information about the company) - User account (favorite products, order list, customer data) - Shopping cart - Category page - Subcategory page - Product page (photos, description, product data, reviews, product card with availability and price information, delivery calculator - details below) - Purchase process (in three different variants: for an individual customer, for a company, on behalf of a company for another company, for unregistered customers) Please provide the opposite price, taking into account the above requirements. We do not respond to submissions along the lines of "contact me / us to estimate the cost of the project" or "random amounts". Permanent cooperation possible. Please be as accurate as possible with your price and completion time. Thank you in advance :)
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    Hello, I am interested in redesigning an online store on Wordpress so that the price list of services is displayed only after selecting the form of purchase: a) offer for individuals and companies without VAT b) the offer for companies with VAT In the selection of the first a) prices would have to be net-brutto, further shopping cart also, RODO regulations for company X, and payment through the plugged Cashbill on the site to the account of company X With the choice of b) prices would have to be net+ 23%VAT, further shopping cart also, RODO regulations on company Y, and payment by propped Bluemedia on the site to the account of company Y. Please provide quotes and completion time. The site stands on an external server. The ability to put a new store (layout I already have), without losing positioning which is quite high at the moment, is welcome.
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    Edarg 4 deals
    IAI store template redesign (Idosell)
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a subject matter expert when it comes to rebuilding an online store on the Idosell platform. The store is currently using a custom template and we want to switch to a standard template for full functionality. As for the appearance, we would like to organize the home page, make a nice menu and a nice product card. We invite experts in the IAI platform to contact us.
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    Good day, I am looking for an experienced person and familiar with the Kaufland platform. Task: - Improving descriptions, headings, and graphics plus combining offers into multivariate (7 products). We have descriptions, what to change, and graphics. - Add: 3 products and create a multivariant. Materials are. Price list updated. Commitment, competitive analysis, suggestions for improving offers are welcome. In general, we plan to continue cooperation in uploading more products.
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    Create a website in Wordpress in divi template. To start with four tabs: 1. home page 2. product (1 product) 3. blog 4. shopping cart 5. contact Woocommerce plugin - 1 product Desktop and mobile version
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    generator web store
    500.00 PLN
    Web store for one product with code generator
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    PROMOCJA BHP 6 deals
    Changing the appearance of the store, giving freshness possibly new functions for the store Work on ready-made COMARCH template or appearance creator built in COMARCH e-store
Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:

3000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
online shop
Valid until:

Job description


Jeśli szukasz osoby, która sprawnie dodaje, edytuje, sprząta w sklepie na silniku presta 1,6 lub 1.7 allegro, pomagam również zająć się fanpagami fb, instagram.

Prowadzę swój sklep od 13-14 lat, dzięki empirycznemu doświadczeniu, które nabyłem mogę podzielić się wiedzą z Tobą.

Koszt dodania produktu presta i allegro 5zł brutto.

Inne rzeczy ustalam indywidualnie w zależności od stopnia trudności.

Zapraszam do kontaktu

Required functions:

praca zdalna, płatność online.

Template / individual design:

Najszybciej i sprawnie dodaję przedmioty i edytuję stare, dodaje nowe oferty, kategorie, producentów, szukam sam zdjęć, ew. dodaję allegro. Jeśli chcesz zaoszczędzić sporo czasu zapraszam do kontaktu.

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