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poszukujemy klientów na nasze pakiety obsługi klienta i nie tylko

https://adtime.pl/ - zakładka pakiety

Informacja od Useme: składanie ofert jest możliwe jedynie w przypadku:

- posiadania ważnej legitymacji studenckiej (dla uczniów/studentów do 26 r.ż)

- potwierdzonego oświadczenia o zatrudnieniu na etat za co najmniej minimalne wynagrodzenie

- posiadanie działalności gospodarczej

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zależy nam na jak największej ilości klientów

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Recent jobs from category Jobs for students

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    I invite you to cooperation! I am looking for ambitious people who want to help me acquire new clients and build a strong position on the Internet services market. You don't need experience or special skills - willingness to work and determination are enough. As my colleague, you will be responsible for acquiring clients who are interested in redesigning or creating websites. I will help you with this by providing a special form that you will complete with the client and will allow me to determine the valuation. Then I will prepare a graphic proposal for him and after the client's approval, I will sign a contract with him. Then you will be settled by Useme. I do not impose any restrictions on the way you acquire customers. You can make calls, dig up old websites, send out flyers, and even use your own contact database. What matters to me is only the end result, and we account for it. We can start cooperation now. Don't worry about processing capacity. If you have many clients at once, I have people to help with this. If you want to join my team, don't wait any longer and contact me now!
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    Agencja HR
    Customer acquisition
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will acquire foreign clients for us (so far we have been doing it on Facebook groups) for company registration. We offer commission remuneration of 200 PLN for each client. We prefer long term cooperation 10-15 clients per month. So far the statistics are as follows 80% are foreign clients and 20% are from Poland. Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Vladyslav Sedenko 1 deal
    Hi, the aim of the activities is to attract new customers for applications for the catering industry. The ideal candidate is a person who works in the field of gastronomy and knows managers / restaurant owners. I am also looking for people who would like to become product ambassadors and earn money together. I will present information about the product and all the benefits of using it to those interested.
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    We are looking for a specialist in customer acquisition for our IT services company, which includes: Advanced web applications, Custom e-commerce stores, Visual identity design, Website/application graphic design projects, Infrastructure administration, including hosting (Linux). The person responsible for customer acquisition should have excellent communication skills at the initial stage. The method of compensation for acquiring customers is negotiable and may include a fixed amount or a percentage of the order value. We are open to flexible cooperation, both in terms of work execution and duration.
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    Acquiring new customers
    5000.00 PLN
    We are looking for experienced freelancers to help us acquire new clients or contacts themselves for our fulfillment services. Your task will be to effectively establish contacts with potential clients and present our company's offerings. Requirements: Experience in customer acquisition, sales or telemarketing Knowledge of English or another foreign language to the extent that you can communicate freely Ability to effectively present an offer and negotiate business terms and conditions We offer: Contract work with flexible hours Competitive commission-based salary, depending on the results achieved Opportunity to gain experience in the fulfillment industry and develop sales skills If you are an effective customer acquisition person and want to take up the challenge, please contact us via private message and send a brief justification why you are the best candidate for this position and information about your experience in customer acquisition.
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    Joanna Król
    Order description I will order customer acquisition or sales of jewelry sets. To begin with, I offer cooperation for an order for the amount of PLN 11 for the sale of one set of jewelry. As opportunities and demand for jewelry can be increased to sell more pieces. After completion of the order and good cooperation, I propose further sales orders.