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    TIKTOK Advertising
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello I am looking for someone who knows how to run and manage tiktok ads, we already have facebook, instagram campaigns we want to try tiktok. Please send me offers and messages with results from other clients.
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    ray.annna 22 deals
    Facebook Ads Expert
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to run a Facebook campaign. Re-strategizing, boosting conversions.
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    We are looking for a freelancer who will create, configure and launch a google Ads campaign for us (Polish service platform) as a one-off assignment. - Campaign in Polish language targeting the Polish market in the next stage: - Campaign in English (UK) - Campaign in German (Germany) and French (France) Please ask for a quote per campaign (from design to launch and initial optimization, no ongoing maintenance)
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    I am looking for a person who has made several viral videos and knows how to improve the content of the video to make it more engaging and get several hundred thousand views. Responsibilities: - Looking for inspiration for videos so that the video WILL go viral. - Creating scripts. - Optimizing content. 1 Show your videos that have made the most views. Experience required! 2. provide a price per 1 video.
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    Hi, I am looking for a person to maintain an account on Tiktok (40k follow). Industry hmm games? Events? What does your task consist of? 1. recording 20 tiktok according to the full scheme with materials received from me. Totally repetitive activity, seriously. 2. Inserting these tiktoks also according to the full scheme on the platform. 3. repeating systematically 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). It takes me 1-1.5h a day max. Summary: Every day from Mon to Fri you record and insert 20 tiktoks (almost identical). Experience is not necessary, but it is important to have a sense of aesthetics and conform to the scheme, creativity does not play a role, unless you come up with new ideas for which there will be additional compensation :)
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    Ads configuration - optimization
    Proposed by freelancer
    Ads configuration - optimization
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    EVERWOOD 6 deals
    I need seo on google.com and bing.com: phrases.com: virtual mobile number, sms verification, virtual number Only constant and white hat links.
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    Hi, I am looking for a person who offers more or less this service: https://www.fiverr.com/pixanimation/create-any-kind-of-promotional-video?context_referrer=search_gigs&source=main_banner&ref_ctx_id=561fd586f7f890b2fd3d314b740084db&pckg_id=1&pos=11&context_type=auto&funnel=561fd586f7f890b2fd3d314b740084db&imp_id=459e70ad-f938-429e-9e4f-f96f96327ff0 Only in Polish language.
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    Witek Rzewuski 1 deal
    I am looking for a person to support the promotion of the website - tourism industry, equipment rental. Searching for business partners on forums and groups. Preparation of posts on social media, texts, graphics. In terms of brand promotion also advice on the selection of promotional channels and when to launch them.
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    WORKSOL 36 deals
    Good Morning For reasons unknown to me I have been blocked twice for violating community rules by not doing anything on my private account. The last thing I did was post a rpacy offer on my private page (I have 2300 friends) after 24 hours I was blocked again and then after 24 hours I was blocked permanently. I downloaded the data from my account. There was a company account on FB connected to my private account. I spend about 2,000 PLN per month on ads. I also own more than a dozen groups. Now I can't access anything because the admin was from my private account which is the admin account for all these pages and groups. The ads continue to fly and I have no control over them. I am looking for a person who will recover and arrange all this and also answer my question about what happened and what to do to prevent it from happening again?
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Seo and social media
Expected budget:

1000.00 PLN

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Chciałbym zlecić pozycjonowanie strony internetowej (lokalnie ) która jak na razie nie jest zbytnio widoczna . Chciałbym zapytać ile by kosztowała taka usługa i ile czasu musiałoby to zająć

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budownictwo - rolety, moskitiery

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