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    I am looking for an application developer to visually configure gift baskets. I am looking for a person/company who will design and implement the configurator. The look of the application can be very simple, it does not have to stand out in appearance. In this phase of the project, I am primarily concerned about it meeting the objectives and not the design. The application can be created using any interface development tool - bootstrap, material, tailwind etc. Functional requirements 1. loading product feed from a static xml file which contains product names, descriptions, dimensions etc. 2. the user has the ability to select the products from the list that he wants to have in his shopping cart 1. a list of products by category, search and filter capabilities 2. to choose from 2-3 sizes of baskets 3. the number of products in a given basket size is limited by the dimensions of the products 4. product images are presented on the background of the cart to visualize the entire target cart 5. the user has the ability to move the products so as to arrange their own layout inside the shopping cart (for example, for React there is a React-Draggable package for this, I give as an example of the effect I want to achieve) 3. after configuring the shopping cart, the user can send an email with the shopping cart to be valued by the store.
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    PawelST 1 deal
    Soccer tournament results website - similar to - functionality - so that you can type in the score/change on your phone and automatically after the change, the changes on the website will jump in
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    Strony Internetowe
    Scope of work: Creation of a website on the WordPress platform, which will be almost identical to the website (For the Polish distributor). The site is to be in Polish language. Menus with product categories should include thumbnail images next to product names. All products are to be transferred, except for the "Batteries" section. Product translations will be provided. The site must be responsive. Please make offers.
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    a.e.bellini 2 deals
    Hi, I have a problem with a website in wordpress. I need: - remove one element, because I really don't know how to do it - add one widget with products from the store - fix one tab
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    Rotating globe on a website in Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a very similar rotating globe as on this page There would be only a few main areas - the continents (those yellow dots), and when you hover over it, a description box appears and the globe stands, then rotates again. There won't be those blue dots. It must look and work very similar to the example.
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    Daniel Kossakowski
    Wordpress - new website template
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to redesign the current site put on WordPress so that it is responsive and in line with current trends.
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    I will commission a similar rotating globe as on this page There would be a few main areas (those yellow dots), and when you hover over it, a description box appears and the globe stands, then rotates again. There wouldn't be those blue dots. It must look and work very similar to the example. Display on a site based on the wordpress system. Price to be agreed, invoice welcome, but it is a prerequisite.
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    Website - portfolio
    2000.00 PLN
    Hi, I need to find a person who can put up a pixel perfect website for me - it will be my portfolio based on my design in Figma. I want the site to scan well and be screen reader friendly. Link to (chaotic) Figma: I need someone to explain to me how to buy a domain, how to pay etc. In return I will answer any questions about design, interaction, scaling, anything I can help with. As if such a person has at least one project in the portfolio based on a file in Figma then please indicate exactly which one. If you have any questions, please write in the offer, I will answer as I can :) Of course, please attach a portfolio with an indication of the pages put up according to Figma. I will appreciate if in the offer will be described how you work, how much more or less time it would take and what it depends on. Details make us have fewer questions :)
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    Tomek_G 2 deals
    I will commission the extension of SP Page Buider plugin for Joomla from joomshaper with the functionality of product rating. The plugin should include: - product rating on a scale from to - adding a text review along with an opinion from to - sharing the opinion after verification - forbidden words that automatically reject the opinion - confirmation of opinion submission - spam protection system - email notifications to moderators/administrators
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    We are looking for a person who would design an entire website with a logo and 2D/3D graphics because the site will be a showcase for our project we are very keen on a nicer professional website. We have started building a website on Worldpress, we have the information and text ready, we just need to arrange it nicely and make a graphic design so that it is professional and attracts the attention of investors. Some experience in the cryto industry is welcome, and when we are satisfied with the site we are thinking about a longer cooperation. Please give me a quote for designing the whole website from A to Z. Thank you
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Web pages
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web site
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Job description

Dzień dobry.

Potrzebuje stworzyć prosty, lekki, responsywny landing page.

Na stronie ma być tylko prosty tekst, kilka grafik (dostarczę) oraz animacja w gif (dostarczę). Jedno CTA kierujące pod podany link.

Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany tym zleceniem podeślij:

- działający przykład landingu który wykonałeś (tzn aktywny tak aby można było zobaczyć online a nie screenshot)

- czas i kwotę

Template / individual design:

Własny kod

Required functions:

responsywność, krótki i lekki kod